VeChain Powers World’s First Blockchain Intelligent Tumor Treatment Center

Shanghai-based public healthcare service Renji Hospital has partnered with VeChain and DNV GL to launch an intelligent tumor treatment center powered by VeChain ToolChain technology. 

According to an announcement, the partnership would help the hospital enhance China’s public health sector through the use of blockchain technology and professional advisory. 

Notably, the VeChain blockchain will be deployed whenever Renji Hospital is conducting any tumor treatment procedure. 

Zhang Jidong, Vice President of Renji Hospital, commented: 

Renji Hospital intends to boost our healthcare facilities with more blockchain-powered use cases and projects, which will be gradually disclosed together with our partners when the time is right.

Also commenting on the development, Sunny Lu, co-founder, and CEO of VeChain, said: 

We are very proud and excited to be contributing to the public health industry by providing the technology for Renji Hospital’s Intelligent Tumor Treatment Centre.

Improving China’s health sector

In recent times, the Chinese government had launched several initiatives, especially its five-year socio-economic development plan, to improve the standard of the country’s health care system using blockchain. 

VeChain stated that the new development is in line with the Chinese government’s motive to boost its health sector and improve people’s general well-being in the country and other parts of the world. 

The trio is currently working on other blockchain-related health projects. In May 2019, Renji Hospital joined DNV GL and VeChain’s-owned Digital Carbon ecosystem to enable patients to book its health care services using carbon credits. 

VeChain Continuous Adoption

VeChain’s tech has been deployed to several use cases across diverse industries, ranging from supply chain to food safety blockchain solutions. 

The firm recently partnered with Ubique Tag to help popular liquor producers combat fake products via QR codes strategically placed on content bottles and boxes.