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Biden or Trump? How You Can Make Money on Election Night on Polymarket

The stakes of the upcoming presidential election on November 3 are high. Very high. Like stand on your tippy-toes and put your hands in the air. That’s how high the stakes are. Maybe even higher than that.

Regardless of who you want to win, you’re probably getting pretty drained by all of the constant chatter and breaking news headlines. Trump said this! Biden said that! One of the candidates just raised millions of dollars! This new poll says something crazy! It’s very difficult to grasp the full picture of what’s happening in this election cycle.

You could compare fundraising numbers, polls with small sample sizes, or expert analysis. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to say for sure what will happen on election night. Hey, it’s possible that Trump and Biden both finish with 269 electoral votes!

Don’t you wish that you could make money while you fixate on the possibility of impending doom or instant utopia? Well, now you can.

Polymarket is an information market platform that allows users to bet on the most highly debated topics in our crazy and ever-evolving world.

Polymarket recently announced Stage 2 of their Beta and that they closed a new $4 million funding round led by Polychain Capital. Other investors include Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, Robert Leshner, Tarun Chitra, Josh Hannah, Meltem Demirors, 1confirmation, ParaFi, Jack Herrick, Kal Vepuri, Stani Kulechov, Kain Warwick, Samir Vasavada, Marc Bhargava, and Calvin Liu.

Are you sure Biden is going to win? Or do you think Trump will win in a landslide? Well, you can put your money where your mouth is. On Polymarket, real people put down their money for “shares” of outcomes. Think of it like stocks, but for debated topics instead of a company’s value. Here’s an example:

As of writing, Polymarket’s information market for “Will Trump win the 2020 U.S. presidential election?” has “Yes” shares valued at $0.41 and “No” shares valued at $0.59. If you want to use it purely as a traditional “bet”, you can do so, cashing out your shares that correctly predicted the outcome for $1.00 each.

If you want to treat Polymarket as a stock market, you can do that too, buying shares low and selling them high to make a profit regardless of the end result of the election. Polymarket is perfect for this sort of trading since they recently announced that trading is free on the platform, you can use your credit or debit card to buy shares, and shares are ten times more liquid. Learn more about Stage 2 of the Polymarket beta here.

Imagine the November 3 presidential election doesn’t quite go how you wanted it to. Wouldn’t it be nice to at least have made a nice chunk of change? Or are you the type of person that loves betting on your own sports team? Then maybe you’d like to compound your incredible night when your candidate wins the presidency, and you get rich!

Let’s say you’re like me, in that you pay attention to political news and have a good sense of which news stories are going to impact polls, and which ones simply are just noise. If you put $100 on No shares for the aforementioned market on September 7, you could have cashed those shares out on September 14 for $122! A 22% return in just a week is unheard of in normal markets, but that’s what is so exciting to normal people about Polymarket. You don’t need to put your faith in CEOs and the whims of the markets to make money.

You can do it simply by, for example, feeling confident that Ghislaine Maxwell will get charged or that the FDA will approve a Coronavirus vaccine by the end of the 2020 calendar year. These unique markets that you can bet on are what draws people to Polymarket. Sports betting is always an option, but the people that place those bets are extremely informed on the smallest developments, making it difficult to compete.

Information markets, however, simply ask you to predict the future, which puts all participants on equal footing, allowing you to use your insights to make cash.

Polymarket offers anyone with an opinion– analysts, policymakers, pundits, and curious professionals, a tasteful place to bet on real-world topical events. It’s the ultimate platform to call someone’s bluff and put skin in the game, as the market rewards users for being right.

So, if you’re sick and tired of hearing the same news over and over again, you should spice up your political life by putting your money on the line or challenge your loudmouth friends or politically infuriating relatives to do the same. If you think you’re smarter than them, then it shouldn’t be hard to make more money than them. Right?

Check out Polymarket to learn more about just how easy the platform is to use, which information markets are currently running, and the fascinating technology that makes it all possible. Plus, Polymarket is offering $100 free for select users to trade with. Find out more. Happy trading!

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