Lamborghini Goes on Blockchain to Improve its Verification Process

The Italian brand and manufacturer of super sports cars and super SUVs, Automobili Lamborghini, has adopted the blockchain platform of Salesforce, a cloud solution provider, to improve the value of its heritage vehicles.

According to a Nov. 19 press release Lamborghini turned to Salesforce blockchain to enable traceability, as well as to certify its cars more securely and faster, while also improving the customer’s experience. 

Initially, Lamborghini cars reportedly pass through 800 to 1,000 certification checks whenever they are resold. Such a process requires technicians to work with a massive network of resources in order to verify the parts and service of each vehicle.

Due to the time-consuming verification process, Lamborghini has moved to leverage on Salesforce blockchain to revolutionize the whole system and to securely authenticate heritage cars digitally. 

Paolo Gabrielli, the Head of After Sales at Automobili Lamborghini, noted that innovation has been at the core of their company since its founding, and the Salesforce Blockchain will only take their change a step further by accelerating the authenticity of vehicles faster than ever.

Through Salesforce blockchain, the automobile company creates a trusted network by digitizing its verification processes between the distributed partners; that is, the technicians, repair shops, dealerships, and more. 

Each vehicle will feature an immutable record of service, restoration, and prior ownership, to ensure that the value of Lamborghini cars is further extended.

Adam Caplan, SVP, Emerging Technology, Salesforce, said in the release:

Blockchain is changing the way companies approach to trust and transparency. Lamborghini is a perfect example of this—we’re excited to see how such an iconic brand is able to innovate and transform the vintage car market with a cutting edge technology like Salesforce Blockchain.

Interestingly, Lamborghini is not the only automobile company integrating blockchain technology to improve its operations. Earlier this week, Volvo, revealed plans to use blockchain in tracking the global supply chain of the Cobalt used in its electric car batteries.


Lamborghini Image via Pixabay

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