5 Things We Learned From Charlie Lee About Litecoin Progress

Critics have recently attacked the Litecoin network for not recording any significant progress within the last couple of months. Founder Charlie Lee, however, took to his Twitter threads to answer the FUD and in this opinion piece, we consider five things that we can learn about the progress of the project.

Litecoin is Now More Secure After Solving Major Malware Vulnerability

Few hours before founder Charlie came on to tweet his reply to the FUD, the project announced the release of Litecoin Core v0.16.3. The launch of this new mining software version has brought more security to the network by including a security update.

Before now, A denial-of-service vulnerability (CVE-2018–17144) exploitable by miners has been living in Litecoin Core versions 0.14.0 up to 0.16.2.

Litecoin Adoption Slowly Permeating Around The Globe

Even though Bitcoin remains the most valued cryptocurrency, other altcoins are really going into the mainstream and LTC is one of them.

Aside from processing over $200 million of transactions daily, the altcoin is also supported by 9+ payment platforms that make it easier for merchants to adopt. There is no doubt that a substantial increase in the number of Litecoin supported payment system will lead to more mainstream usage in the future.

Winklevoss Exchange To Add Support For Litecoin Soon

The Gemini exchange owned by the Winklevoss brothers will soon allow users to start trading LTC as Charlie revealed. It is likely that plans are already in progress if not in concluding stages.

This may be just one of the non ‘’master branches” where the Litecoin team is focusing its strength rather than on where people are looking.

There Are Altcoins But Litecoin Still Stands Out To Some Extent

You will lose count the next time you try to know the total number of altcoins in the market. However, LTC has reserved its place among the top ten coins with a flawless performance over a period of time.

If this is nothing to go by, then you can consider Charlie Lee’s claim here

You could name a more secure altcoin network if you know.

Charlie Lee is Still Committed To Litecoin’s Development

Being on the game for seven years and counting gives credibility to the Litecoin project, and its founder is not backing off. At least not yet.

While a sense of humor is noticed in this reply, there is also an affirmation of commitment and one that the Litecoin community needs right now.


Social media hype and PR here and there may be a constant feature of crypto projects. However, it is not should not be a major way to scale the progress of the project or the commitment of its founder.

What do you think? Are Litecoin’s biggest moments happening behind the scene?

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