What Does It Mean to Be a DAO Contributor? How to Become One?

What does it mean to be a DAO Contributor? How to become one?

The new trend that is already gaining fire after the Defi, Meme coins and NFTs is the DAOs or the decentralized autonomous organization. DAO contributors are the lifeblood of the DAO as they are responsible for governing the decisions, voting on proposals, curating the whitelist, and ensuring that everyone in the organization has a voice.

Often people in the blockchain and Web3 spaces know the relevance of DAO but they do not know how to contribute to DAO. This article is an attempt to help answer the basic questions such as what is DAO, what does it mean to be a DAO contributor and also how to become one? Even if you are looking to deploy Avalanche nodes, you can   create your own DAO or contribute to existing ones to build a decentralized community and know more about this blockchain protocol and network.

What is DAO?

A DAO is a community-led organization that does not have central authority and has no hidden interests. They are absolutely autonomous, meaning that whatever happens is implemented based on the agreed contract, the smart contracts laying the groundwork are open and transparent, and you may examine the code and vote at any time.

A DAO is governed by its individuals who together decide what developmental and technical changes are necessary, where to allocate its investment funds, and what additional roles its members will take on.

With regards to the operation of the Protocol, the community members are usually in charge of debating various propositions and creating alternatives that they all agree to. If a proposition receives approval, then the community implements the agreed measures defined in the smart contract.

Check if the DAO is right for you

Once you have become a member of one of the DAO’s Discord server, the first step is to pass the authentication process to access all of the DAO’s channels. You can start of by introducing yourself in the introductions channel and also keep a tab on the announcements channel so as to get an idea of the performance and activeness of the DAO.

Delve into other channels to extract a sense of the vibe at any given point. How well does your local community interact with each other? Which individuals are driving the overall community consensus? You have a rare opportunity to play a role in several DAOs, so make sure the vibe is right before proceeding.

Understand how to contribute

If you’re sensing a good vibe, start engaging with the community! Be authentic and build relationships as your top priority. Look for sponsored talks in the DAO’s community meet ups. DAOs often plan weekly interactive discussions where blockchain node as a service provider can be a part to realize some real benefits. Get on-foot and attend one of these sessions so you can converse with DAO members in person.  

Three (3) Layers of DAO contribution

Community Contribution

The community’s DAO most often relies on Layer 1 persons as core participants as they are the pioneers in vetting solutions, they are enthusiastic, and their enthusiasm spreads to others. They are the evangelists, and the ones who talk about the DAO and help the DAO grow and flourish. Being a level 1 DAO contributor implies that you’re an active participant in the discord server, you engage with others, and you’re the general vibe of the community. The same could be said for achieving a community manager position if you earn your mantle well. Besides the possibility of finding work as a Layer 1 contributor, you can earn money receiving active tokens in a certain DAO.

Bounty Contribution

A member of Layer 2 is immediately compensated as a DAO member, who receives compensation in tokens after completing a paid task for the DAO. To perform bounties for DAOs as a Layer 2 member, you should visit Layer3 and various cryptocurrency bounty sites. Layer 2 contributors are not active within the day-to-day operation of the DAO, they only work with it to complete a certain task, are compensated, and then move on to the next DAO. Any DAO would benefit from having a layer two contributor, since freelancers can oftentimes provide up to one year of specialized expertise.

Task contribution

This is the layer where you see the benefits of DAO participation, wherein the two most desirable goals for a contributor come together: The community satisfaction of a layer 1 contributor along with the income received from a layer 2 contributor. Due to the effort involved to get to the remainder of a DAO contributor program, getting to the layer 3 tiers can be more difficult than the others. Becoming a layer 3 contributor to these DAOs is significantly more complicated than other roles, depending on how rigorously its contributor program is structured. As an example, becoming a Bankless DAO layer 3 contributor is a simple process and at the same time can be financially rewarding since contributors are being paid $BANK tokens. Based on the quality of the comments and your consistency in adding comments and feedback, there is a great opportunity for advancement to a higher contributor rank.Based on the quality and consistency of your contributions, there’s a probability of advancing to a higher contributor role.  

 Final Thoughts

DAOs envision an organization in which members collectively control and own everything. Many industry experts predict that this type of company will be increasingly common, potentially even supplanting some existing traditional businesses. Businesses and companies should keep up-to-date with new prevailing trends, which can have an impact on how they wish to interact with consumers and how they yet consumers interact with them. Although DAOs are not yet pervasive, they seem to be picking up more steam with creators.

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