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PUBG Players to be Rewarded with Refereum On-chain Cryptocurrency

Refereum, a Blockchain-based rewards and marketing company announced today, its partnership with PUBG Corporation, an online game developer based in South Korea, to allow gamers to explore Blockchain technology.

PUBG Corporation is the company behind the award-winning and global game “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) with over 400 million players worldwide. 

The partnership is set to connect PUBG players to the blockchain through the most creative and massive blockchain use case in gaming yet.

PUBG players will now earn on-chain cryptocurrency rewards (Refereum’s utility token, $RFR) for any feat completed in the game. This effort is considered as the first-ever for both the blockchain and gaming industries. 

CEO of Refereum, Dylan Jones noted that “Gamers do so much free marketing for games through streaming services and social media, but they’re rarely compensated sufficiently for it.” 

The rewards program is coming as a new innovative addition to Refereum’s already existing work in rewarding users for live-streaming their gameplay, watching other players’ streams, and promoting the games’ social media content.

“This is the problem Refereum aims to fix — and now, with this revolutionary new way of rewarding gamers for their in-game engagement with PUBG, we not only reward them for playing a game that they love, but for their dedication in becoming better players, too,” he added.

Founded by a team of crypto, blockchain, and game industry veterans, Refereum noted that it is on a mission to reward players’ passion for gaming by helping developers also to market their game. 

With the partnership with PUBG Corporation, Refereum will provide an innovative way for members of any gaming community to connect and earn rewards for their influence.

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