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Opera’s 350 Million Users Can Now Access TRX and TRON DApps

Opera, a desktop and mobile web browser developer, announced support for TRON’s network and its cryptocurrency wallet to enable users to send and receive TRX from the browser, according to a Tuesday press release.

Upon TRON’s wallet integration, the web browser’s 350 million users can be able to send and receive TRX directly within Opera. The move aims at providing security, privacy, and dynamic cryptocurrency capabilities to its million users.

As per the announcement, TRON’s support counts as the third cryptocurrency network to be incorporated into the Opera browser after Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), giving users more options for online transactions.

The web browser giant announced the integration of a crypto wallet supporting Ether and some other ERC-20 tokens onto the long-awaited Opera 60 (Reborn3). The new version regularly synchronizes with the wallet on the Opera Android browser to ensure that users do not lose their private keys, Coinfomania reported.

Notably, Opera is the first major browser to integrate a digital currency wallet, which allows cryptocurrency payments on websites within the mobile and desktop version of the Opera browser (Developer edition) securely. The crypto wallet also supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including popular Crypto Kitties.

“Opera’s integration will further extend these benefits to a growing global audience, while further demonstrating the endless versatility of blockchain,“ according to the release.

Also, the support for TRON’s network grant Opera’s users the access to TRON DApps, listed on Opera’s DApps Store, which increases the global access to decentralized applications including gaming, gambling, and trading apps, that are not found on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Opera further revealed plans to host featured decentralized applications and access for millions of daily active users across 120 countries, together with TRON and its peer-to-peer content sharing company, BitTorrent.

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