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Join the Group of Cool Kids Who are Playing Blockchain Games for a Living

Creating a source of income through gaming is no longer a far-fetched idea from the future or something only possible for professional gamers who spend endless hours perfecting their skills; thanks to blockchain games you can now pay rent, buy groceries or anything else, just by playing games!

A far cry from the early days of blockchain gaming in which the field was dominated by basic gambling games, the area has evolved into more mature gaming experiences that steer away from chance gaming and into skill based games from various genres.

You can’t talk about blockchain gaming without mentioning the godfather of the field: CryptoKitties. Akin to the tamagotchi experience in CryptoKitties you have to breed and take care of your virtual pet but being a blockchain game those kitties are not confined to the limits of a plastic shell but exist on a blockchain as non-fungible tokens based on the ERC-721 standard which means you can purchase and sell them if you so desire. CryptoKitties got so big in late 2017 that one of it’s virtual felines was sold for 246 ETH ($117,712 USD on that day) and congested the Ethereum network almost to a halt around the same time.

CryptoWars, our first experiment at Experimental, is the first fully decentralized real time strategy game that runs on smart contracts and is inspired by classics of the genre such as Age Of Empires, Travian, and OGame. Just in the last 3 months we held more than 10 CryptoWars tournaments, with sponsors such as MakerDAO and Loom amongst others, that thanks to our sponsors awarded over 4000 US dollars in DAI token to players from all over the world (literally, we have players from Argentina, Spain, Germany, USA and many more). One of those players was able to sit down and chat with us about his experience with blockchain gaming and CryptoWars, you can check it out in the video below. 

Other notable blockchain games are God’s Unchained, a competitive card based game; Neon District, a cyberpunk themed RPG; MyCryptoHeroes, another RPG with one of the coolest looking 8bit graphics ever; The Sandbox a decentralized content platform to craft, share, and trade; Axie Infinity an amazing game to collect and raise cute creatures called Axies; and BattleRacers, an arcade game where players design, build, race, and battle miniature cars on arcade-sized tracks.

A key aspect of blockchain games is that players have true ownership of in-game assets which marks a clear difference from legacy games in which developers are in complete control. This means that everything that you’ve obtained on a blockchain based game marketplace remains yours until you decide to sell it to another player; and thanks to the transparency provided by the ledgers of blockchains every asset can be traced back to its origin.

The growth potential for blockchain gaming is huge as it not only creates a new source of income, much needed in a world where jobs are becoming scarcer, but also serves a vessel for mass adoption of crypto taking into consideration that the video games industry as a whole nowadays is bigger than Hollywood and exposing even a small percentage of that group could mean a significant increase for the field in general.


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