MetaMask Debunks March 31 Airdrop Rumor, Calls It False and Dangerous


Decentralized wallet provider MetaMask, in a tweet on Wednesday, debunked rumors that it was launching an airdrop on March 31, stating that it was not only false but also dangerous. 

The firm saw the move as necessary following growing sentiments that an airdrop was imminent. These sentiments, if not corrected, will create opportunities for scammers and phishers, according to MetaMask.

Rumors Linked to Lubin’s ETHDenver Comments

The news making waves on social platforms about the airdrop may have been deduced from ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin’s recent comments at the just concluded ETHDenver event. Lubin stated that his firm is working towards decentralizing MetaMask, noting it has plans to launch a token.

Although Lubin didn’t make further comments on how ConsenSys intends to go about it, many concluded it would launch soon, and scammers quickly leveraged the rumors to create phishing sites.

Activity Spike in MetaMask Following Rumors

The speculations also impacted activities in MetaMask, as the decentralized wallet transaction amount increased sharply from 13,000 to over 21,000 on March 27. Following the tweet debunking the rumor by MetaMask, activities slowed down a bit, recording around 17,000 transactions on Wednesday.

MetaMask is not new to these kinds of rumors, as it faced a similar situation in 2021. The news was also attached to Lubin’s comments on a token.

Despite the debunking, users are also hopeful of an airdrop in the future from Metamask. Some have stated that an airdrop is inevitable; it is a matter of when it will happen for the decentralized wallet providers.

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