Magic Eden Rolls Out Ethereum NFT Marketplace Dubbed ETH Genesis

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Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Magic Eden has unveiled its Ethereum marketplace dubbed ETH Genesis, with more than ten NFT collections for digital art collectors on the blockchain. 

In an announcement on March 29, the NFT marketplace platform, which ranks among the leading cross-chain NFT platforms based in Solana, said the new product would be officially launched on Thursday, April 6, 2023, on the Ethereum network. 

Ultimate Destination for NFTs 

Magic Eden initially integrated into the Ethereum blockchain last August, allowing NFT creators and collectors to mint and trade their favorite digital artworks on the second largest protocol after Bitcoin. 

The community-centric NFT marketplace said the new project aims to become the ultimate destination for NFTs in different chains. 

The platform has now deepened itself further into the protocol with the launch of ETH Genesis. 

The new project will be structured to respect royalties for native listings, allowing users to receive rewards in the form of incentives for participating in the platform. The platform will eventually aggregate to other marketplaces on the network. 

“We’ve always respected Ethereum as the largest, most established community for NFTs. We bring proven ability to partner with creators as the only NFT platform that has launched 400+ projects and raised over $120M for creators. We also have a team of shippers that can move nimbly,” said Zhuoxun Yin, COO and co-founder of Magic Eden.

The new product comes just a few days after the company announced the launch of another marketplace dedicated to Bitcoin and its related products. 

ETH Genesis will be launched on the scheduled date along with ten new NFT collections, which will be available for mint through its Launchpad, compatible with Solana and Ethereum. 

The unicorn crypto platform described the product as the first fully audited marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals. 

Magic Eden to Partner Ethereum-based Projects

Magic Eden also plans to collaborate with other popular projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, such as Hashflow, CNWAFUKU, KaijuKingz, Realm Hunter, The Space Club, McPepe’s, and Blocky Doge 3.0. 

In addition to working with these projects, the Solana-based NFT marketplace plans to share the profits generated from gas fees with the team for a short while after the launch.

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