Ethereum Records New All-time High As Analyst Hints At Ethereum Performance Next Month

Ethereum records yet another all-time high a few hours after it’s previous.

A few hours to the time of writing, ETH record a new all-time high. The new all-time high happened not long after European Investment Bank announced the issuance of a two-year 100-million-euro ($120.8 million) digital bond.

Coinfomania reported the inevitable high in one of its analyses early this month. It also talked about one problem ethereum was facing at the time and preferred a solution. The problem that was highlighted is the expensive gas fee.

With the increase in gas fees, more fears are surrounding Ethereum’s future as the increase in gas fees may lead to a decrease in investors. At that time, the analyst feared that If more traders lose interest in it, ETH may not attain $2k until the problem is fixed.

The analyst also added that if the gas fee problem is fixed soon, traders can look forward to seeing prices trade above $2,600 before the month’s end. He concluded by saying that with other factors involved, ETH may hit a new ATH even if the gas fee is not fixed but it can sustain its traders this April.

The above prediction took place as Ether rose above $2,600. The surge is also a result of the reduced gas fee during the last few days. Reduced fee makes it easier to trade and most importantly invites investors.

The second-largest coin by market cap has seen a lot of price actions during the last few weeks. This month been bullish right from the start as ether records gains of more than 63% in the last thirty days.

Ethereum raised from as low as $1,800 in the month’s beginning to as high as $2,700 as at the time of writing. This price hike took place amidst the high gas fee.

Now that ether gas fee is ateduced, it may end the month above $2,800. If that happens, the first two weeks of next month will see the coin climb as high as $3,200 if ether experiences the same upward drive it is experiencing now.

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