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Crypto Arbitrage VIP Review: Is It a Scam or Legit? Here’s What We Found Out

In this Crypto Arbitrage VIP review, we’d like to point out that a first glance at the Crypto Arbitrage VIP web pages give inexperienced investors a feeling that it is a strong and reliable way to double their bitcoins and make more profit.

The enticing benefits that come with depositing your Bitcoin on the platform appear to be irresistible. But a critical look at the website’s primary promise, “Crypto Arbitrage VIP get 340% return” is insightful enough to prompt one to look before one leap.

The goal of every Bitcoin investor is to make a profit from his or her investment. To realize that goal, therefore, investors are always in search of the right information.

We compiled this Crypto Arbitrage VIP review in line with our commitment to protect crypto investors, especially beginners who just joined the industry. 

In this article, we will give you a snapshot of Crypto Arbitrage VIP, as well as all the red flags associated with the website, with a view to answering the question: is Crypto arbitrage VIP Scam or Legit?

Crypto Arbitrage VIP Review

Crypto Arbitrage VIP showcases itself as a legitimate bitcoin doubling service, giving investors the chance to double their bitcoins instantly and get payouts within 24 hours.

Users are not expected to register for the transaction, but instead, to submit a BTC address for receiving the doubled bitcoins. They can also invite others to join the platform and are supposedly rewarded with Bitcoin for referrals.

But the identity of Crypto Arbitrage VIP founder(s) was not disclosed on their website. The only information provided is a shady company number, 10518084, and an unidentifiable office location.

A look at the Crypto Arbitrage VIP website claims that visitors can double their Bitcoins by just doing the following:

  • Submitting their bitcoin address
  • Making a payment to a provided bitcoin doubling address
  • And wait for 24 hours to receive their bitcoins back.

Although this service doesn’t use the multi-level marketing (MLM) marketing approach like in Crypto 300 Club, further investigation during our Crypto arbitrage VIP review showed that it is an obvious scam targeting inexperienced Bitcoin investors.

To get the supposed returns, one needs to pay at least 0.05 (appr. $512.62) worth of bitcoin, with the maximum deposit amount capped at 5 BTC ($55,000)

Considering the above information, we are now better poised to answer the next question: is Crypto Arbitrage VIP Scam or Legit?

Crypto Arbitrage VIP Review: The Red Flags

  • Lack of Transparency

Without mincing words, the Crypto Arbitrage VIP webpage shows that it lacks the required openness and honesty needed to confirm it as a legitimate venture, as its business intent is not directly expressed.

For instance, the business model (i.e., its revenue sources, detailed product and services, likely customers) through which a user’s bitcoin is doubled is not clearly defined on its website. That also explains why no information about the founding members is available on any of its web pages. In fact, the whole website comprises a single page with no internal links.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the use of only a bitcoin address to identify new investors isn’t appropriate, since a bitcoin address cannot be associated with the person’s identity in real life.

The persons behind the scheme apparently choose that approach to give victims confidence that their transaction is anonymous. In real sense, it is designed to shorten the process of investors parting with their money.

  • No Defined Arbitrage Trading System

As argued in the preceding paragraph of this Crypto Arbitrage VIP review, it is an apparent attempt to defraud users since it has no business activities.

Firstly, prospective members are compulsorily expected to buy positions (0.05 BTC) to receive a doubled reward, mirroring the approaching use by the infamous Twitter hacker that amassed over $100,000 in bitcoin within 24 hours from unsuspecting investors.

As mentioned several times in our other scam alert reports, there is no service that allows Bitcoin holders to double their assets.

More so, arbitrage trading is the practice of making a profit by buying assets at a lower price on a trading venue and then selling them for a higher price on another.

Theoretically, arbitrage is no-risk trading. The arber gets a secure profit after the trades. In contrast, traditional trading is not risk-free at all. When you trade in an MT5 crypto broker using leverage, you risk your money. If you fail, then you lose money.

But during our Crypto VIP Arbitrage review, we discovered that the team doesn’t disclose any information about arbitrage trading on the website.

  • Unreal Returns

“Crypto Arbitrage VIP get 340% return”

This is the meta description used in association with the Crypto Arbitrage VIP website on Google. However, it is worth noting that this unreal return number is an attempt to attract the attention of investors.

Crypto Arbitrage vip review

Think about this: If users are able to double their bitcoins without limits, then there is certainly no limit to the amount of profit they can generate over a certain period.

The section marked as last deposits on the website is just information on bitcoin transactions pulled from blockchain explorer, It doesn’t represent any investments by real users.

Crypto Arbitrage vip fake deposits

Grammatical Inconsistencies

Another easy way to identify Crypto Arbitrage VIP as a fraudulent website is that its creators who are presumably sitting on thousands of bitcoin cannot even invest in creating professional content for the web page.

Some common grammatical errors include:

  • “Both you win and we try to establish the world’s largest company.”
  • “There is no better advertising marketing than this.”
  • “Please scroll down to see the payments we make to investors!”

These common errors only prove that the scheme is not interested in providing users with clear information, but just to separate them from their money.  

Final Words: Is Crypto Arbitrage VIP Scam or Legit?

Any Bitcoin investor seeking new grounds either to make a profit or to be educated on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency should read between the lines considering the red flag raised in this Crypto Arbitrage VIP review.

One of the red flags raised against Crypto VIP Arbitrage is the fact that there is no service for doubling bitcoins. The promised returns are outrageous, the identity of the persons behind it is unknown, and there are no business activities involved.

We believe that the information shared so far lets you reach a conclusion about Crypto Arbitrage VIP, and why it is a ploy to defraud inexperienced investors.

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