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Blockchain4Humanity Press Release

B4H aims at contributing to the construction of a world and a society that is more transparent, fair and inclusive through Blockchain Technology.

The immutable nature of blockchain’s distributed ledger is providing solutions to problems that are endemic to centralized systems. Reducing the likelihood of malfeasance and corruption is one of the main advantages of eliminating a centralized authority.

Countries like Estonia and the US are using blockchain technology to secure health records more effectively. The agriculture industry is benefiting from a decrease in illegal harvesting (illicit agriculture trades cause the global economy $40 billion a year).

While it is great that the potential of blockchain is finally being recognized, it is still largely inaccessible to those who need it the most. Communities ravaged by corruption and stunted by sub-par infrastructure often lack the necessary resources to reap the benefits of a decentralized ledger.

This is where not-for-profit organizations like Blockchain4Humanity(B4H) aim to help. B4H is led by a team of experienced visionaries that aim to create a world that is more transparent, fair and inclusive through Blockchain Technology.

The B4H team has experienced members from all over the world, allowing them to curate social impact projects from the ground up.

Many organizations who give funding to small projects with no check/support system often see a misappropriation of funds. The reason is largely due to inexperience and lack of knowledge.

B4H uses its collective experience to guide initiatives in the right direction.

Here are some of the projects they are working on:



Over 4 million people have fled from Venezuela over the last four years escape staggering inflation, food, and medicine shortages. As Venezuelan refugees flee to other countries such as neighboring Columbia, most will find it difficult to retain their finances across the border. Due to the plummeting of the Bolivar, it will be almost impossible to trade for Columbian pesos. Many who trek across the border are also vulnerable to corruption, robbery, and misappropriation of funds.


Empower refugees by educating them about cryptocurrencies, wallet management, security and peer-to-peer transactions which will grant them the ability to retain and secure their wealth through blockchain technology.

B4H works with Cripto Conserje in several areas from support in defining feasible business models model, assist with fundraising and partnerships and provide knowledgeable staff to assist the fundraising to facilitate workshops and adoption of cryptocurrencies while relieving the suffering of hundreds of Venezuelan families crossing the Colombian border.




Mexican Coffee Farmers need to raise funds to cover harvest expenses. However, many of the farmers are unbanked and are vulnerable to extremely high-interest short term loans due to lack of options and resources.


Use the peer-to-peer lending platform, EthicHub, to raise micro-loans from retail lenders at a reasonable interest rate. This platform allows for a win-win situation, farmers get access to funding at reasonable interest rates, develop a reputation system, manage their funds as a cooperative while retail lenders get an ROI for the amount lent.

EthicHub was one of the recipients of the first b4H Dreamers Award. b4H assisted with pitch deck /platform presentations, invited Ethic Hub to several events, and connected the project with the b4H international network to facilitate partnerships and mentorship with members of the b4H family.




Nigeria has become one of the most technically driven African countries; giving rise to a community of aspiring entrepreneurs. However, a lack of capital and resources stagnate innovation. Innovation can be the key to boosting socio-economic well-being.


CDF aims to provide investors and entrepreneurs a platform that eliminates risk to foster opportunities in Nigeria.

B4H is helping in three major ways: Preparing the project for introductions to potential investors, providing guidance in shaping CDF’s platform and business model, and supporting them with an application for grants as a way to bootstrap the project as much as possible until further development is made.


How To Help

Blockchain4humanity is finishing its B4H app to track fund distribution and expenses. Donors will be able to see where the money is going to and how it is being used. Donate here.

The B4H team does not profit from their projects and is completely dependent on donors to fund their missions.

Bitsmo Exchange aims to support B4H via monthly donations and raising awareness for on-going initiatives.

About Bitsmo

Bitsmo is an innovative digital asset exchange, providing blockchain-based financial services to investors on a global scale. Our platform provides token & futures trading pairs to help traders maximize gains and minimize losses.

We support organizations that aim to provide solutions for vulnerable communities via emerging technology. Our team believes in the power of blockchain and is dedicated to showing the world how to use it for good.


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