Bitcoin Block 666,666 Surprisingly Includes a Message From the Bible

A transaction in the block 666,666 of the Bitcoin blockchain, which was mined today, has been discovered to contain a surprising quotation from one of the books of the Bible.

The hidden message which was found to be from the Bible book of Romans, the 45th book of the Bible, and the sixth book in the New Testament, was first discovered by the IT professional and bitcoin hacker, @emzy.

The message said, ” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good – Romans 12:21.”

The transaction contained in the block had been a transfer of about 864,200 satoshis worth about $320 split into two equal parts and sent to two different addresses.

One notable thing about the two bitcoin addresses that these coins were transferred to is that they both had characters that could be found in the Bible. The first several characters of these two addresses had the words “God” and “Bible” in them.

Another interesting thing about the transaction is the processing fee charged for the transfer. The sender had paid a total of 135,800 satoshis worth more than $50, which is way more than the average processing fee.

Therefore, it could be deduced that whoever had initiated this transaction, including the hidden message from the Bible, had every intention to add the transaction to this particular block, block 666,666.

This is not the first time that hidden messages were discovered in bitcoin transactions. Although none of the messages had featured something as surprising as a Bible quotation, there has been a handful of such hidden messages on the blockchain.

Earlier in July 2020, some hidden messages were found embedded in the transactions that were linked to the infamous Bitcoin Twitter hack.