BitBoy Crypto Arrested on Livestream After Trying to Confront Former Business Partner


Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, was arrested on Monday night after trying to confront a former business partner, Carlos Diaz. 

The arrest occurred minutes after Armstrong informed his X (formerly Twitter) followers that he would go live from a “very special location on YouTube.”

What Happened?

Excerpts from the YouTube livestream showed Armstrong trying to confront Diaz at his residence. Many in the crypto community believe Armstrong’s confrontation was part of an attempt to recover his Lamborghini from the former associate. 

During the stream, Armstrong claimed that Carlos “wanted to kill him” and that he has connections with the Houston mafia.

“If Carlos Diaz comes out of his house and tries to kill me live on YouTube, then it’s just gonna have to be what it’s gonna be, Carlos,” Armstrong said during the livestream.

The situation soon escalated when police arrived at the scene and approached Armstrong. When questioned, the influencer told authorities he had no weapon on him but had one in his car. The broadcast went dark shortly after authorities ordered Armstrong to put down his phone. However, the audio of the conversation could still be heard.

Armstrong also revealed that Cassie Wolfe, his alleged mistress and BitBoy Crypto co-founder, accompanied him in his car.

While explaining to the authorities, he said: “Cassie is the girl I’m in a relationship with. My wife knows. We were just at my daughter’s tennis match.”

Armstrong Arrested for Assault 

Online records from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department website show that one “Benjamin Charles Armstrong” was arrested on September 25 at 9:11 pm for loitering/prowling” and for “simple assault by placing another in fear.” His bail bond has been set at $2,600.

Meanwhile, the latest report comes a few weeks after Armstrong was ousted from his media company, BitBoy Crypto. The management cited concerns of substance abuse and financial harm as reasons for his removal. It is believed that the ouster of Armstrong led up to the latest action.

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