Binance CEO Announce DEX Testnet Launch Date

Since Binance announced in 2018 that it was going to launch a decentralized crypto exchange, fans of the Chapeng Zhao led firm has eagerly looked forward to the platform.

Now, a February 12 tweet by the CEO suggests that the wait is almost over.

According to Zhao, users will have access to the Testnet version of the decentralized exchange as soon as February 20, after which they can share feedback on their experience.

As Coinfomania reported late last year, the Binance DEX is a decentralized platform which will allow users to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies without the fear of losing their funds if any harm comes to Binance.

The recent case involving the hack of New Zealand-based crypto exchange, Cryptopia highlights why decentralized exchanges are expected to become popular in the future.

Meanwhile, if Binance were to achieve the DEX Testnet milestone on February 20, then it will add to a run of exciting development around the exchange whose CEO is famous on Twitter for his use of #BUIDL– a crypto slang for BUILD.

Since the turn of the new year, Binance have —

Only time will tell how big a year 2019 will be for Binance and the rest of the cryptocurrency industry.

You can read our Binance Exchange guide to learn how to get started on the platform.

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