Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

It is no longer news that electronic currencies will live long into the future, especially given the resounding success that cryptocurrencies have recorded within the last decade since it came into the picture.

However, it is still pathetic that even though several crypto exchanges exist, users still face challenges for either one of the following transactions:

  • Converting one crypto to another
  • Converting digital currencies like PayPal USD or Skrill USD to other types of electronic currency.
  • Selling Money Gram and Western Union funds for cash.
  • Exchange cash for Bitcoin or any of the popular cryptocurrencies, etc.

One of the most popular difficulties facing these kinds of transactions is that these trading venues often set currency prices with high commissions to maximize their profits, and also may be unavailable or face service disruptions when you need them the most.

Also, because some electronic payment providers restrict their service to users in some jurisdictions, it can be challenging to receive funds via these platforms or convert them to a usable currency. is a twelve-year-old e-currency exchange platform that users trust for a number of reasons beyond the fact that it has stayed long in the game and offered consistent results. review

The site aggregates the best near real-time rates for electronic currencies that you find on the homepage and provides a one-click option for you to hook-up with an approved exchange website for your transactions.

You can also expect to find the best exchange rates for the 20 most popular e-currency swap directions, meaning you can also find good deals without necessarily scouring the whole website.

How To Use

To make e-currency transactions swift, the website contains only a few tabs at the top for some of the most basic options you need to use and a curated list of 20-most popular e-currency swaps as mentioned earlier.

On the left side of the website, you can choose to use the Table, List or Popular options to select the kind of e-currency transfer that you want to execute. Notably, offers e-currency exchange for 12 cryptocurrencies, 17 digital currencies, online banking, and money transfers.

If you’re using the Table Option, then you simply have to click on the two currencies that you want to exchange i.e., the source and target currency. The same step applies to the List Option although it uses a dropdown menu.

Next, a list of exchangers and their approved exchange rates are displayed, alongside the option to get notified via Email or Telegram when the currency falls within the price they would like to exchange it.

There is also a review tab where you can find comments made about the exchanger by other users, while the double exchange option allows finding the best rates offered by two exchangers for the e-currency.

Meanwhile, the exchange rate fluctuation chart found under Statistics as shown in the Bitcoin (BTC) chart that we used for this example, shows the highest and lowest exchange rates for e-currency. Chart

If you have an e-currency exchange that you like to use their service, you can find them from the “Exchangers” tab which is available on all pages of the website.

Affiliate Program

Beyond your transactions on, the e-currency exchange also allows users to earn money by sending users to the platform. Affiliates get $0.65 for each user that they refer to the website using a wide range of promotional tools including texts, banners, scripts, and others which contains a unique tracking link that belongs to you.

You can access the affiliate program page to signup or login using the demo as both username and password.

What Could Be Improved?

While the exchange service has continued to meet the needs of exchangers and offer the benefits we’ve mentioned so far, there is no denying that the platform could benefit from a more intuitive and modern website interface.

However, the saying, “don’t fix what works” maybe the reason while the owners have decided to stick with what has helped it grow into one of the best e-currency exchange service providers globally.

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