6 Metaverse/NFT Projects That Involve Anime

Anime is quite famous not just amongst fans but also amongst onlookers, even random people, and things being what they are; the anime metaverse space is becoming increasingly popular as the metaverse is developing fast and becoming popular, especially in the context of NFTs. 

Metaverse developers, enthusiasts, artists, and others have started developing top anime NFTs inspired by anime characters for the ever-growing digital world; experts now predict that the metaverse is one of the most intriguing developments in recent times.

More so, Anime NFTs are becoming popular in the NFTs sector, as most artists and developers publicize these NFTs via social media, and most times, the unique looks of these Anime NFTs tend to captivate people and garner attention.

Azuki NFT

Since the Azuki NFT was launched, it has become a sensation in the NFT world; it was founded in January 2022 and has an impressive sales record; the collection consists of about 10,000 avatars. The NFTs are inspired by anime produced in early 2000. The community continues to grow and attract anime lovers.

It currently ranks 6th in the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea; Azuki’s floor price is 9.5 ETH and is now high compared to other anime NFTs. Azuki NFT’s popularity has shocked the NFT world, considering how popular it has become.

Killer GF

Killer GF is also a hand-drawn NFT and is currently taking various NFT marketplaces by storm; the NFT consists of a collection of about 7,800 hand-drawn NFTs of female characters called “girlfriends’ ‘ who are also deadly assassins. 

Zeronis, a popular artist working for the famous video game developer, Riot Games, was responsible for this NFT. Using his artistic skills, he created a collection of visually appealing anime NFTs. As of now, there are over 4000 owners of the killer NFT. 

These NFTs have high utility; you can use them in the metaverse as avatars; keeping in mind the beauty of these NFTs, it’s hard for an anime fan not to use the killer GF NFT as an avatar. The killer GF NFT is among the few anime-oriented collections with dedicated holders. The developer has plans to launch in the Sandbox Metaverse soon. 

Lives of Asuna

Live of Asuna is an NFT based on drawings of anime characters in space; Haggllefish and Zumi developed the NFT. Fans love the lives of Asuna because of its hand-drawn characters, which are all in outer space. Currently, the NFT collection has about 10,000 NFTs and about 5000 owners. Lives of Asuna NFTs are customizable; after purchase, collectors can customize the appearance of their NFTs to their desired choice, using special items.

Shonen Junk

The anime community inspired this NFT collection, Shonen Junk. The NFT was developed by James Lin, the co-founder of Crunchyroll, a leading streaming platform in the anime industry. Crunchyroll helped in popularising anime in the USA. And at present, the founder has released an anime-inspired NFT for the metaverse; the NFT collection has about 9,000 Shonen Junk. 


Kiwami has a collection of 10,000 anime-inspired avatars; the team behind the NFTs is based in Japan; in March 2022, the NFT debuted in the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT has been described as a collection of NFTs by next-generation artists, rule breakers, and builders. Kiwami is a new anime-inspired NFT.

Aside from the sales of NFTs, the team has plans to launch physical merch and a Kiwami DOA, which will hold as the project’s treasury. The NFT collection has a 0.24 ETH floor price on OpenSea.

Otaku Origins

Otaku Origins is a cool anime-inspired NFT that most anime fans should love, and for those who can’t wait to try out anime-inspired avatars and games in the metaverse, then Otaku Origins is for you. The NFTs give owners access to the metaverse; more so, they are generated through a unique algorithm. Otaku Origins has about 200 special features that belong to eight NFT categories.

More so, owners who are also artists can merge their Otaku NFT characters with artworks they made for comics, manga, or anime projects. This collection of NFT is excellent for artists, anime, and NFT lovers. So if you’re an anime lover seeking to have great fun in the metaverse, you might love Otaku Origins.


The anime-metaverse domain will continue to grow over time, and it has much potential; considering how well anime NFTs are taking the NFT world by storm, developers, artists, and companies are constantly working to create anime-related NFTs to make the metaverse an ideal space for anime lovers and fans.





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