13 Legit Bitcoin Investment Sites (Tested and Trusted in 2022)

As Bitcoin (BTC) continues to go mainstream, more people are increasingly looking for legit bitcoin investment sites. Investors from the traditional finance industry, including forex, stocks, shares, commodities, and indices, are now adopting BTC as an asset class. 

However, for these traditional financial investors and other beginners who want to get involved with BTC investment, the major challenge has always been identifying a legit bitcoin investment site. 

Before we provide you with a shortlist of the best bitcoin investment websites, let us first understand what these investment platforms are. 

Ready to Learn Bitcoin Investment Sites

What Are Bitcoin Investment Sites? 

Bitcoin investment site is a platform that allows users to purchase and hold BTC over an extended period of time with the sole aim of building wealth.

Investors can acquire BTC on these platforms using either fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies such as Ether (ETH) in exchange for BTC, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for BTC, BTC for Litecoin (LTC), among others. These investment sites can also be in the form of a lending platform where customers can lend their BTC to other users for a profit. 

With that said, let us look at the thirteen (13) legit Bitcoin investment sites, classified under exchanges, mainstream BTC platforms, and Bitcoin lending platforms.   

Bitcoin Exchanges


Binance Bitcoin Investment

Binance, considered one of the best crypto trading platforms globally, was founded in July 2017 by developer Changpeng Zhao (aka CZ). CZ launched Binance after a successful ICO that saw the firm raised $15 million. 

Binance currently services users worldwide, and it is convenient for both seasoned and beginner traders. Since its launch, the exchange has gotten lots of positive reviews from the crypto community due to its enticing features and services. 

Features of Binance 

  • Binance Launchpad, a service that gives users access to newly launched coins and tokens.
  • Spot markets. 
  • Margin trading of up to 125x leverage.
  • Leveraged tokens. 
  • Futures trading for perpetual or quarterly futures.

Pros Of Binance

  • An easy-to-use trading platform.  
  • Availability of educational materials and support to help beginners familiarize themselves with the platform. 
  • Availability of a wide array of assets in the market and a comprehensive range of crypto pairings to trade.
  • High trading volume. 
  • Multiple deposits and withdrawal options for both crypto and fiat currencies.
  • Security centered, with maximum security measures put in place to keep users safe at all times. 
  • Multiple trading platforms, including web and mobile, to cater to different trader experience levels. 
  • Low trading fees.

Cons Of Binance  

  • Demo account available only on its futures platform. 
  • KYC demand for large deposits and withdrawal may not seem convenient for users who want to remain anonymous. 
  • Advanced trading tools on Binance may seem complicated for novice traders. 



Coinbase is one of the most legit Bitcoin investment exchanges available in the market today. Launched in 2012 with its headquarters in San Francisco, Coinbase is fully regulated in 40 states in the U.S and is available in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

Since its launch, Coinbase services more than 35 million clients worldwide. The exchange, which initially supported only BTC, has added various cryptocurrencies, including ETH, LTC, BCH, etc.


  • Easy-to-use platform. 
  • Vault protection to keep users’ funds safe 
  • Recurring buys, a feature that allows users to schedule the purchase of BTC over time. 
  • Mobile apps support both Android and IOS devices.  

Pros Of Coinbase 

  • Supports only trusted cryptos. 
  • A simple user interface suitable for beginners and advanced investors. 
  • Availability of multiple crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto pairs. 
  • High liquidity. 
  • Funds are insured. 

Cons Of Coinbase

  • Expensive fees. 
  • Only available in a few countries. 
  • KYC requirements may track users’ transaction history. 


Kraken Bitcoin Investment App

Kraken is a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2011. The exchange allows the buying and holding of BTC over a long period. Users are also entitled to stake their BTC for a yearly reward of 0.25%, with the profits paid twice a week.   

Features of Kraken

  • Margin trading of up to 50x.
  • Supports staking. 
  • Mobile application support. 
  • Bug bounty 
  • Account management program for advanced users. 


  • 24/7 professional customer support. 
  • Low fees. 
  • Advanced security measures. 
  • Supports both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto pairs. 
  • High liquidity for all trading pairs. 


  • Fiat deposit confirmation can take up to five business days. 
  • No credit card deposit and withdrawal support. 



Gemini cryptocurrency exchange is a simple, secure, and elegant investment site that allows users to buy and hold Bitcoin for long term profit.

Gemini was launched in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss in New York, where it has its corporate headquarters. It is licensed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and recently got legal permission to operate in the United Kingdom. 

Features of Gemini

  • An easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • Gemini provides block and auction trading functionalities.
  • Mobile app support. 
  • OTC trading.

Pros of Gemini

  • Multi-layer security. 
  • Increased global reach. 
  • Fully regulated exchange 

Cons of Gemini

  • KYC requirements. 
  • Supports fewer cryptocurrencies. 
  • Gemini’s user interface is not ideal for traditional traders.



Launched in 2012 in the British Virgin Island, Bitfinex, the leading cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange, supports long term Bitcoin investments.

Bitfinex offers a state-of-the-art trading platform equipped with margin trading, over-the-counter trades, advanced order types, as well as a responsive mobile app for android and IOS devices. 

Being an exchange that has suffered hacks on two occasions, 2015 and 2016, the cryptocurrency exchange has deployed advanced security measures to keep hackers away from the platform.  

Features of Bitfinex

  • Margin trading 
  • Margin funding
  • Offers lending service 
  • Supports the staking of cryptocurrencies.
  • A honey framework that allows users to execute customized algorithmic orders.

Pros of Bitfinex

  • Low fees. 
  • User-friendly platform. 
  • Availability of multiple assets and services.
  • Many order types. 
  • Operates in several countries.

Cons of Bitfinex

  • No credit card deposit and withdrawal option. 
  • Bitfinex is not suitable for retail investors who just want to buy bitcoin.
  • The platform has a lengthy identity verification process. 


Paxful Bitcoin Investment

Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace that brings users together to buy and sell BTC using a wide array of payment methods. Paxful was launched in 2015 with its headquarters cited in the U.S. Its main objective is to be the Bitcoin community’s uber and has gone a step further to make BTC adoption easier for everyone regardless of race or location. 

Paxful trading platform is similar to eBay, where users display their merchandise with their offers and interested buyers contact them. It is not a typical bitcoin investment site but a place where you can buy Bitcoin and then move it to a non-custodial wallet that you own.

Features of Paxful

  • Peer-to-peer marketplace. 
  • Kiosk service 
  • Affiliate program 
  • Paxful offers a mobile wallet for storing cryptocurrencies.

Pros of Paxful

  • Availability of several payment methods. 
  • Paxful has no country restrictions. 
  • Responsive support forum. 
  • Buyers pay zero fees. 

Cons of Paxful

  • An unequal fee policy that favors only buyers. 
  • Fund delivery varies by sellers. 
  • Possibility of getting scammed. 


Luno Bitcoin

The firm started operations way back in 2013 under the name BitX. In 2016, the exchange was renamed Luno, with its offices located across three cities, including London, Singapore, and Cape Town.

Luno offers a great starting point where beginner Bitcoin investors can purchase the cryptocurrency using fiat currencies. Acquired BTC can be stored on Luno or transferred out of the exchange. At the moment, Luno serves more than 3.5 million users from over 40 countries worldwide. 

Features of Luno

  • Luno offers a mobile wallet.
  • Users can setup price alerts.
  • Luno offers a gateway for buying Bitcoin with fiat currencies.
  • Users can instantly exchange cryptocurrencies without using the order book.


  • User-friendly trading platform. 
  • Suitable for BTC beginners. 
  • Wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. 


  • Limited trading tools. 
  • Supports only a few cryptocurrencies.
  • Not suitable for seasoned BTC traders. 

Mainstream Bitcoin Investment Sites


PayPal Bitcoin Investment

When news about PayPal venturing into Bitcoin investment surfaced online, the crypto community was filled with ecstasy, as the exchange’s more than 346 million users can finally have access to the asset. Launched in November 2020, PayPal now allows its U.S.-based clients to buy and hold BTC and a few other crypto-assets for as long as they wish. The service will likely roll out in other countries by next year.   


  • PayPal provides cryptocurrency education materials for new investors. 
  • The crypto exchange service benefits from PayPal’s state-of-the-art encryption technology. 
  • Anti-fraud technology. 
  • PayPal operates a licensed trading platform.


  • Quick conversion of BTC sales to its cash equivalent. 
  • Easy-to-use trading platform. 
  • Large user base. 
  • Online merchants using Paypal to accept BTC.
  • Access to PayPal’s payback protection 


  • The service is limited to only U.S.-based residents at the moment. 
  • The service is non-custodial since users cannot send or receive cryptocurrency.
  • PayPal supports a few cryptocurrencies namely, Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.


SoFi Bitcoin Investment

San Francisco-based investment firm, SoFi is another platform that allows users to invest in BTC. Launched last year due to increased customers’ demand, the firm enables users to purchase BTC at a low rate.

SoFi protects users’ funds against theft by equipping its platform with SSL encryption technology and allowing users to secure their accounts with two-factor authentication. 


  • SoFi is a reliable and license investment service provider.
  • The Bitcoin ‘buy’ feature is available on the mobile app.
  • Education material 


  • Secure trading platform. 
  • $25 bonus for BTC purchase of up to $10 within seven days of signing up. 
  • Low fees. 
  • BTC purchases are verified instantly. 


  • Available only to U.S. residents. 
  • You cannot purchase more than $50,000 BTC daily. 


Revolut Bitcoin Investment

Revolut was launched in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky as a travel card that allows its users to switch between currencies cheaply. The firm had since evolved into a digital bank. This year, Revolut launched its BTC exchange, making the asset available to its more than seven million users.  


  • Spending analytics 
  • Real-time notification. 
  • Insurance offering 
  • Multiple payment channels, including Apple and Google Pay support. 


  • Fast sign-up. 
  • Easy to use mobile app.
  • Low transaction fee. 
  • Virtual card for online shopping. 


  • Poor customer support. 
  • Require proof of residency. 

Bitcoin Lending Platforms


BlockFi Bitcoin Investment

BlockFi is a U.S.-based cryptocurrency lending platform that allows investors to earn high interest on their crypto savings regardless of how much you have. The company’s flagship product is the BlockFi Interest Account (BIA).

Launched in August 2017 by Zac Prince and Flori Marquez, BlockFi users who deposit BTC on its saving program gets a 6% annual interest paid monthly with a compound interest rate of 6.2%. Users of the platform still get paid regardless of whether the value of BTC drops. BlockFi also enables users to trade Bitcoin with several trading pairs available.   


  • BlockFi has a mobile app for Android and iOS users.
  • The platform offers crypto-backed loans. 
  • Users can also trade cryptocurrencies on the platform. 
  • Accrued interests paid monthly.
  • BlockFi sends a monthly statement to customers.


  • No early withdrawal penalty. 
  • Two free withdrawals monthly. 
  • Responsive support. 
  • Earn in-kind or payment flex. 
  • High-interest rates with flexible, transparent terms. 


  • Interest rates fluctuate based on market conditions. 
  • BlockFi mandates KYC for its customers. 


Nexo Bitcoin Investment Site

Nexo operates a unique crypto lending service where clients can use their cryptocurrencies as collateral to obtain fiat currencies with up to 12% annual compounding interest. By this method, users can receive fiats on the loan while still retaining ownership of their cryptocurrencies. 

Launched in 2017 in Bulgaria, Nexo has processed over $3 billion from more than one million users across 200 cities globally. At the moment, Nexo supports over 40 fiat currencies and few cryptocurrencies, including BTC. 


  • Nexo is regulated under EU laws. 
  • Automated crypto loans. 
  • Free physical debit card (yet to launch)
  • It is equipped with military-grade security. 
  • Mobile app support included.


  • Crypto deposits on Nexo are insured up to $100 million by industry-leading custodian, BitGo.
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal service. 
  • Zero fees. 
  • Automatic loan approval, no credit checks.


  • Nexo doesn’t support trading or conversion of cryptocurrencies.
  • The platform supports many stablecoins but not many fiat currencies.

Celsius Network 

Celsius Network Bitcoin

Founded in 2017 by Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon, Celsius Network is a London-based crypto lending platform that allows investors to earn interest on their savings. It works like a bank where users’ funds are lent to other customers for a profit.

However, Celsius Network deals mainly in cryptocurrencies, including BTC. Users who deposit their BTC assets will earn 6.20% interest rates. To date, Celsius Network has processed over $8 billion in loans and serviced more than 228,000 users globally. 


  • Cel Pay option enables users to send and receive funds 
  • Crypto lending.
  • Celsius has a utility token in the form of Celtoken.


  • High-interest rates. 
  • Zero fees. 
  • Weekly interests payment.  
  • Flexible terms. 
  • No minimum balance is required. 


  • Celsius adjusts its interest rates regularly, making it somewhat difficult to determine the actual yield. 
  • Celsius doesn’t offer LiveChat customer support on its website. 

How to Identify Trusted Bitcoin Investment Sites 

Since pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009, several Bitcoin investment platforms have launched within its more than twelve years of existence. These platforms usually promise enticing features and services that will enable them to stay ahead of their competitors.

However, not all that glitters is gold as most of these sites do not usually have what they claim. So, it is essential to use specific criteria in selecting legit Bitcoin investment sites. 

  • Regulation 

The topmost criterium in the list is regulation. This goes a long way to confirm the legitimacy of the investment site. Since Bitcoin investment involves users’ funds, the platform must have the required license to operate in a particular jurisdiction.

With this in place, users are confident of being compensated should anything go wrong. The regulated authority would, most times, ensure that these platforms do not run away with users’ funds whenever they deem fit. 

  • Security 

For this aspect, investors should be concerned about the safety of their funds and information on investment sites. How an exchange intends to protect your funds and data from malefactors is essential to note.

Since hackers always try to gain access to trading platforms, investors should opt for investment sites equipped with the latest security measures to keep these hackers away. Some bitcoin investment sites such as Nexo and Coinbase provides insurance coverage for assets stored on their platform.

Others like Binance adopt a self-implemented insurance program that lets it reimburse users in the event of a security breach.

  • Multiple Deposit & Withdrawal Options 

A good Bitcoin investment platform should make deposit and withdrawal of funds easy for everyone. The operator should make available multiple deposit and withdrawal channels. With this in place, users can opt for an option that best suits their needs, thus making their trading journey hitch-free. 

  • Professional Customer Service 

Nobody hopes to encounter an issue while using an investment site. However, problems may arise along the line. What makes it less of an issue is a platform’s ability to resolve the issue efficiently. A good Bitcoin investment site should have a 24/7 customer support service to settle all users’ complaints when they arise. 

  • User-Friendly Trading Platform 

A good Bitcoin investment site should have an easy-to-use interface to facilitate trading. The trading platform should be sleek, friendly, responsive for both beginners and professional traders. The service should have a web-based and mobile platform to work on several devices, including PC, Android, and IOS. 

Why You Should Use Only Legit Bitcoin Investment Sites 

Since there are several Bitcoin investment sites, you should select a legit platform to have a smooth investing experience.

For the basics, choosing a good BTC investment site will help keep you safe from hackers and fraudsters. When you select a legit platform, there is no need to panic that you may lose your funds, as adequate security measures will be in place to keep you safe.  

Lastly, in the event that a security breach occurs, the platform will be able to reimburse your funds easily.

Is Bitcoin Investment Different From Bitcoin Trading?

Yes. When you invest in Bitcoin, it means that you buy and hold the asset with the intention of selling it sometime in the future for a profit. However, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading works differently.

Under Bitcoin trading, the goal of a trader is to profit from short-term price action (usually within a few hours, weeks, or months). The fact that trading involves actively tracking the price of Bitcoin sets it aside from Bitcoin investing.

If you don’t mind, we also have a list of the Top Ten (10) Best Bitcoin Investment Apps to Use.

Final Thoughts 

In this article, we defined Bitcoin investment sites and provided a shortlist of legit Bitcoin investment sites that you can start using right away. We also provided information on how to identify a legitimate platform, and why users should use only legit BTC investment sites. 

As established, there are a lot of Bitcoin investment sites posing to be genuine. However, investors must conduct adequate research using the criteria provided above to decide the available legit BTC investment platform.