XTZ Rallies 14% as Google Cloud Joins Validators on Tezos

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Cloud computing service provider Google Cloud is set to become a validator on the open-source blockchain network Tezos. The firm also brings Web 3 development plans to the Tezos network. Shortly after, the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency XTZ saw a mild increase.

Google Cloud to Bolster Web 3 Integration on Tezos

As part of the partnership agreements, Google Cloud’s corporate clients will be able to run Tezos nodes while deploying Web 3 applications on the network. A node is a computer system connected to a blockchain network that helps validate transactions on the network.

Certain crypto startups incubated by Tezos will also be able to tap into Google Cloud’s startup program. This will enable startups to access the cloud computing platform’s resources to accelerate their business. They will also receive credit, mentorship, and networking benefits.

Becoming a validator on Tezos requires a minimum of 6,000 XTZ (worth $11,500). The tech giant’s latest move will put it in line with hundreds of other validators on the proof-of-stake network. Some of these validators include Coinbase, Binance, and KuCoin.

The partnership deal caused Tezos’ native cryptocurrency, XTZ, to jump by 14%. At the time of writing, the asset traded at $1.31.

Tezos’ partnership with Google dates back to October 2020. At the time, the blockchain developer team adopted Google BigQuery into the network. The purpose of BigQuerry was to provide Tezos with a scalable data warehouse for huge data coordination.

Google Cloud Joins More Blockchains

Since Google Cloud assembled a Web3-dedicated team in May 2022, the firm has stayed committed to supporting the growth of various blockchain networks.

Last September, the cloud computing service provider joined the Ronin network as its 18th validator. Ronin network is the blockchain network for the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity. The following month, Google Cloud piloted its blockchain node engine on the Ethereum network.

In November, the tech company positioned itself as part of a bandwagon of about 3,400 validators on the Solana network. The tech giant also added Solana to its BigQuery, enabling the network’s users to access historical data. Google Cloud also offered Web 3 development for the proof-of-stake network.

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