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World Bank to Issue Public Bond Through Blockchain Technology

According to Reuters, the World bank is set to issue a USD 73 million bond to public investors through the use of blockchain technology.

The two-year bond, dubbed “Bondi,” a reference to Australia’s well-known beach, and an acronym for Blockchain Operated New Debt Instrument, is scheduled for settlement on 28th of August.

This is the first public bond to be issued using blockchain technology and is meant to yield a 2.25% return, according to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The bank, which is the manager of the process of issuance, developed the platform for issuing the bond.

The Australian Dollar and Australia’s leading financial infrastructure makes the country a famous location for the development of new markets.

World Bank Bond to reduce poverty and sustain emerging Market

The issuance of Bondi will make up part of World Bank’s USD 50-60 billion annual bond sales, to deal with the issue of poverty and sustainability of global markets.

World Bank’s AAA rating bonds use its borrowing capacity to develop an emerging bond market while creating unique platforms for the issue and trading of securities.

Russian MTS, a telecommunication operator, stated in 2018 that it had developed a bond to be issued through blockchain technology. But unlike that of the World Bank bond, granted to the general public, the MTS’ bond was to be issued to only private investors for 750 million rubles.

According to CBA, the World Bank bond will be the first-ever capital to be acquired from public investors through a blockchain. The CBA price for kangaroo deal is set at 23 basis points, and foreign institutions sell kangaroo bonds in Australian dollars.

The transition from the traditional way of issuing bonds to the use of blockchain technology follows the Australian Securities Exchange goal to make equity trading efficient in 2020.


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