Crypto Reunion? Libra May Bring Winklevoss Twins Back With Zuckerberg

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the founders of digital assets exchange and custodian, Gemini, are looking to work with Facebook on the Libra project, despite their legal battle with the social media CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

In an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, the brothers revealed they could potentially become partners with Libra. However, no personal effort has been made to reach Mark on this recent development, as reported by CNN Business.

According to the Winklevoss brothers, Libra happens to be a good thing for the cryptocurrency industry at large. It is also a big step toward the time when the world can’t do without cryptocurrency.

“I think there is a day in the future where we can’t live without crypto, or imagine a world before crypto,” Cameron Winklevoss said.

Started in 2014, the brothers set up Gemini exchange through the returns from earlier investment in crypto. They pitched Gemini as a platform to be trusted, giving that cryptocurrencies were traditionally decentralized and unregulated.

The efforts by the exchange, Gemini to work with regulators could also position the Winklevoss brothers as valuable partners for Libra, amid ramped up calls by US lawmakers for increased oversight of cryptocurrency, the report noted.

Gemini founders revealed they’ve been in talks with Facebook to join its crypto governing body, the Libra Association, although 28 “founding members” of the association was announced already.  However, the brothers added that they still want to learn more about the Libra project before deciding whether to join the association or if Libra will be listed on the Gemini exchange.

Moving forward, the twins believed Facebook wouldn’t be the last big tech company to try to launch a cryptocurrency. Cameron Winklevoss expects every one of the FAANG companies — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google to venture into crypto.

He said:

“I think that internet companies have to have a crypto strategy, and I think a lot of them are thinking about their coin projects. They’re probably watching Libra and Facebook to see how that fares as they develop it.”

In a similar update earlier in the day, Coinfomania reported that another crypto exchange, Binance which was once in talks with Facebook about the Libra project, has now launched a competing product.

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