Will Bitcoin.com Delist HEX After All? Roger Ver Says ‘Stay Tuned’

The cryptocurrency community has never been so united (or divided) regarding a newly launched project. Unless you’ve not been following development, you’ve probably heard of HEX, the crypto project led by an influencer, Richard Heart, which is promising investors up to 10,000 times return within three years.

While the HEX token based on an Ethereum smart contract has all signs of fraud written all over it, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) party led Bitcoin.com exchange went ahead to list the token on Dec. 13, with the official announcement published this Monday.

However, the existence of HEX token on Bitcoin.com exchange looks very likely to be cut short after crypto entrepreneur, Roger Ver who is the Executive Chairman of the company behind the exchange platform, somewhat conceded to the token listing as a wrong move.

In a Reddit response to a user who supposedly pointed out the precise reasons why HEX is a scam, Roger Ver, known for his active engagement with the BCH community, replied:

This is the best argument I’ve seen yet. Stay tuned.

Stay Tuned Roger Ver

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Community Agrees on HEX 

While the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) camps remain divided mainly on the value propositions of their different networks, they seem to have found something to agree on – that HEX is an attempt to defraud naive investors just like Bitconnect and Plustoken.

Following the listing announcement on Monday, several notable members of both camps have slammed Bitcoin.com for the move, a situation that perhaps puts the exchange operator under pressure.

Putting that pressure into perspective, alongside taunts that the listing was only done to spite the BTC camp, it is safe to say that delisting HEX, after all, could be the only way for the Bitcoin.com site to retain the trust of its community, and the industry as a whole.

However, everyone would simply have to ‘stay tuned’ as Roger Ver said, and see what happens next.

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