Why Experts Believe Shiba Inu Will Be Overthrown by Tradecurve

Shiba Inu

Despite the fact that Shiba Inu tokens keep getting burnt, SHIB’s price keeps falling, proving that memecion season is a fad rather than a strategy. Tradecurve is a brand new trading platform that allows people to trade all kinds of derivatives with the option of high leverage, through letting people use their crypto as collateral.

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Shiba Inu Holders Are Mostly in the Red

It might be surprising to know that almost 80% of Shiba Inu holders are underwater right now, according to a deep dive from IntoTheBlock.  Perhaps more worryingly for those holders is the fact that a few days ago, Shiba Inu price formed a ‘death cross’. A death cross is a term used to describe a specific technical analysis pattern that occurs on a price chart. Specifically, a death cross happens when the 50 day moving average and the 200 day moving average ‘cross’ on the charts. 

The significance of a death cross lies in the belief that it reflects a shift in market sentiment, suggesting that selling pressure may increase, leading to a potential decline in prices; Shiba Inu has indeed been declining over the last days and weeks.

Although a lot of memecoins got pushed up by the hype of PEPE, the market was more in favor of frog themed coins than Shiba Inu, with those like RIBBIT doing well over the weekend. Still, investors should beware and know that getting rich through memecoins is rare, as you need to be early to do it, and the majority of new memecoins turn out to be rugpulls, scams or just lack traction and sustainability.

Tradecurve has the potential to be a top 10 coin

Although Shiba Inu is currently one of the largest coins by market cap (number 16 at time of press), experts are eyeing a new coin called TCRV.  TCRV is the native token of a decentralized trading platform built on Ethereum.  Unlike most DeFi trading platforms, Tradecurve allows people to trade options, forex, ETFs, bonds and more, with a leverage of 500:1, using crypto as collateral.  

A quick search for DeFi platforms shows that the internet can be misleading, with one article in the top 10 of Google wrongly citing Binance, Etoro and Coinbase as DeFi trading platforms. This is simply incorrect, as all of these exchanges are centralized (CEXes) and therefore operate totally differently to Tradecurve and other DEXes. 

One of the downsides to CEXes is that they usually require you to do KYC, meaning that you lose your anonymity.  Also, as they are not on the blockchain, there is a level of uncertainty about how and where your funds are being stored.

Some exchanges are starting to implement Proof of Reserves, but industry experts question whether this is too little too late. Tradecurve, on the other hand, allows you to maintain custody of your assets, by using software on chain wallets like TrustWallet or MetaMask.  

For those wishing they had got in on Shiba Inu early, Tradecurve has the potential to be a much better bet at this stage.  Bringing true innovation and functionality to the trading industry, TCRV, currently in the second phase of presale, is one to watch.  

The price is currently $0.012, and the website states that new buyers can receive a 25% bonus for purchases from $25 – $2500, and even higher bonuses for bigger buys.  Experts predict that TCRV could go as high as $5 when listed on exchanges, which is an exciting ROI and one that is impossible for Shiba Inu to match, due to the size of its market capitalisation.

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