What is DutchDAO? The Best Community For Web3 Freelancers

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) refer to independent communities where members are united by a common goal. One such community that has grown strong in recent times is DutchDAO — a premier community of Web3 freelancers.

What is DutchDAO?

DutchDAO is an autonomous organization that bridges high-quality Ambassadors and early-stage crypto projects together. The DAO has over 500+ verified Ambassadors around the world ready to work on promoting and offering top-notch freelance services for Web3 projects.

In recent times, DutchDAO has worked with upcoming Web3 projects including Zodium, Cangsters, Rethinkable, and Authic. DutchDAO’s goal is to help projects develop a strong foundation at an early stage so that they get enough support from the community to achieve a successful launch and remain stable over the longer term of their project life. 

DutchDAO welcomes members to start a freelancing career with them!

How is DutchDAO Structured?

The DutchDAO community is structured under five (5) skills or roles that verified members can receive. 

  • NEW Social Media Influencer
  • Crypto Ambassador 
  • Graphics & Design
  • Writing & Translation
  • Collab Manager

DutchDAO sorts out everyone’s special qualities and assigns projects to a team that consists of hard-working Ambassadors. The DAO provides a whole experienced team, replaces inactivity, and tracks results from its Ambassadors.

To start working as Freelancers for DutchDAO, users need to become premium members of the community first.

Users do not have to pay to become premium members. Instead, they show support to the community by completing minor tasks or being actively engaged in the DutchDAO Discord and contributing to the community’s growth. DutchDAO prioritizes premium team members as they are extremely dedicated community members!

They like to work with Ambassadors who take initiative and are out to help other people.

DutchDAO premium chat is open to all verified members so everyone can feel equal and see what’s going on with the DAO. 

He who likes to become a member can intervene as a motivated Ambassador and tell DutchDAO that there is a solution to improve the DAO. Verified members are not allowed to chat in the premium group until the DutchDAO team has promoted their members.

Read more about DutchDAO’s Ambassadors and how to become a Premium team member in this new Medium Article.

DutchDAO Features

Features DutchDAO

DutchDAO provides the following services in packages:

  • 500+ Crypto Ambassadors from all around the world.
  • Community Moderators are available in all time zones (200+ available, 24/7 service)
  • Writers and Translators (20+ different languages)
  • Shillers and chatters (up to 100 available)
  • Collab managers (up to 50 available)
  • Social Media Crypto Influencers package (1k — 250k follower-base profiles) Up to (up to 40 available)

Organic growth is the best option to keep your project alive for a longer period of time

DutchDAO offers community organic growth packages like:

  • Run an Ambassador program for your community
  • Gleam contests with the DutchDAO community
  • 500+ E-mail data list of crypto Ambassadors

DutchDAO hires community moderators through its community to work on other quality crypto projects who need a hand managing their Discord or Telegram groups. 

DutchDAO offers a high-quality 24/7 crypto community manager service.

DutchDAO maximizes the engagement rate in your NFT/Crypto project and boosts your De-Fi project to max. potential. DutchDAO hires experienced freelancers who know their way around the crypto space and are available to work 8 hours a day as a moderator.

The DutchDAO team pays all DAO members in USDT with a pre-negotiated amount each month.

Freelancers in the DutchDAO community make Graphics content for Socials, Motion Graphics, Animations, Animated Telegram stickers, video content, Animated GIFs for socials, and much more! All on their individual personal accounts.

The DutchDAO community has a large Collab-Managers group who are ready to deal in NFT/token WL and build partnerships for your community. They collect lists of interested projects to collaborate with your project. They build a strong network of related crypto projects and build trust with your community. All members in the community can start working as a Collab-Manager for DutchDAO if they are interested and earn $100 per collab using a template provided in the DutchDAO Discord.

There are a lot of “cons” & “scams” in the Web 3.0 space, especially when it comes to marketing. Many project owners end up finding themselves in a rabbit hole after choosing to hire the wrong agency/person to promote their project. The DutchDAO community is one of the most notable & trustworthy Web 3.0 Marketing & Consulting Agencies in the world. They have been accredited for their transparency and legitimacy from many people and companies.

Here’s some information about DutchDAO:

-Network of over 250k real followers across social media with many of these followers being from our valuable connections.

-They work with a group of crypto influencers of 5-25k+ followers each to reduce the risk of the promotion so that they are not dependent on 1 individual and to increase the total engagement of the followers.

-They track the activity of their Social Media Influencers and replace inactive influencers to maintain a high-quality service.

Why Choose DutchDAO For Your Web3 Project?

Choose DutchDAO

DutchDAO filters out the best of the best Ambassadors in every aspect to maintain a high-quality service. Most of its members work on multiple projects at once, in this way they can give you a competitive price.

They provide everything a project needs to start building a legit organic community.

They  would love to discuss any ideas and help to promote your project.

Infinite Jobs for De-Fi Ambassadors

  • They offer plenty of work in the De-Fi space and work with Projects and Freelancers from all around the world via their Discord.

20+ Different Languages

  • Their community is able to make all sorts of content in 20+ different languages on socials and write articles about your project.

5+ Year Experience In De-Fi

  • NFT and Token launches are their specialty. Establish a strong community before the launch date for long-term effect.


Recently there have been a lot of questions about the work DutchDAO offers and what exactly they do as a DeFi Freelancing Discord Community. This article provided a clear overview of how the DAO works and why Web3 projects should consider working with DAO. In the end, DAOs will become the global standard for freelancers and DutchDAO hopes to play a big part in that future.

Apply as Freelancer: 

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