What is Bomb Crypto Marketplace? A Guide to the BSC Game

The Bomb Crypto Marketplace is a blockchain-based platform where people can trade assets in the Bomb Crypto Game. Buyers and sellers use BCOIN tokens as the main currency on the platform, and also for purchasing and upgrading in-game items.

Today, non-fungible token (NFT) games represent a significant chunk of the crypto sector. Interest in them has soared really high, and many companies now exist only for the purpose of raising funds that are to be pushed into game development. 

Bomb Crypto is one of the many NFT games that attracted noteworthy interest from people in the concluding months of 2021. What is the Bomb Crypto game? How does its marketplace work? This article addresses these questions and also contains everything you should know about Bomb Crypto.

We cover the following:

What is Bomb Crypto?

Launched in September 2021, Bomb Crypto is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. ($1 billion was recently dedicated to the growth and development of BSC).

Bomb Crypto involves players managing a group of Cyborg bomb heroes. These heroes are programmed to fight monsters, defeat other players and participate in treasure hunts to gain special items as rewards. Each bomb hero is an NFT and has different stats. If a player is lucky, he will find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade.

The rewards gained are usually Bomber coins (BCOINs).

BCOIN is a standardized token and an algorithmic stablecoin on the BSC that players use to purchase bomb heroes. These BCOINs can be earned through in-game rescue missions while playing the game online. They could also be purchased through a crypto exchange.

What is Bomb Crypto Marketplace?

Bomb Crypto Marketplace Home

Bomb Crypto Marketplace is an online platform on which people can buy and sell assets in the Bomb crypto game using BCOIN. BCOIN tokens are the main currency used in trading on the platform as well as for upgrading the game and its items’ levels.

The marketplace features in-game items such as Heroes and Houses that can be traded according to price at the time of purchase and/or sale.

Let’s review a little information about the Houses. There are five of them presently. The first one is Tiny House which is the cheapest. It has a minimum trading price of 360 BCOIN. Then there’s Mini house, Lux House, Pent House, Villa, and Super Villa. The Super Villa is the most expensive for now with a minimum trading price of 10800 BCOIN.

The Bomb Crypto marketplace also contains various filters and search settings that allow one to easily access items. You are allowed to filter them by rarity and ability, and even have the freedom to pick their specific stats.

To buy or sell in-game items, you’ll need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the marketplace. You can do this by using the Connect Wallet icon in the far right end corner of the page. Once connected, you will have to purchase BCOIN. With this, you’ll be able to trade your in-game items freely using the desired amount of BCOINs you want, depending on how many you own. (Read on, more information about how to go about it is contained in this article).

Worth noting, however, is that if players buy the same item at the exact same time in the marketplace, a first-come, first-serve rule applies. Unsuccessful players lose their purchase fees in exchange for nothing.

How to Play Bomb Crypto

Step One: Create your Metamask Wallet.

The MetaMask wallet is like a boarding pass to play Bomb Crypto. So the first thing is to download it and set-up an extension of the wallet on whatever browser of your choice. You can then create your Metamask address and log in to BSC.

Step Two: Buy BCOINs

To play Bomb Crypto, a user needs to have at least 10 BCOINs to start.

To own BCOINs, you will need to first purchase the needed amount of Binance US Dollar (BUSD) on the Binance exchange platform or any other platform it is available for purchase on. After sending your BUSDs to your MetaMask wallet, swap them with the amount of BCOINs it can be sufficient for. (The BUSD should be enough to buy at least 10 BCOINs). 

This is why you need a MetaMask wallet, so that you can store your BCOINs and BUSDs.

Note: Link your MetaMask wallet to PancakeSwap Finance so as to enable the trading of BUSDs for BCOINs.

Step three: Connect your MetaMask wallet to the game site

Go to Bomb Crypto’s website and click on Connect Wallet written in the far right hand corner of the marketplace page. This is necessary in order to login to the game.

Step Four: Buy in-game items (Bomber Heroes and Houses)

As mentioned earlier, Heroes in the game are NFTs that represent players. Depending on the amount of BCOINs you own, you can buy as many heroes as you want. (Ten BCOINs is equivalent to buying one Bomber Hero). You can use them intermittently while playing Bomb Crypto. They can be especially helpful if the activated hero’s energy is drained and needs time to regenerate.

You will also need to purchase a House as that is where Heroes recover energy from. The level of your House will determine the amount of time your Heroes spend regenerating energy.

Step Five: Click on “play now”

If you follow the above mentioned steps, you’ll be qualified to play Bomb Crypto.

As a beginner, the only available level of Bomb Crypto that you can play is Treasure Hunt. As you progress, you’ll be able to access other levels.

Step Six: Upgrade Bomber Heroes

If you still have more BCOINs on your end, you can use them to upgrade your Heroes. If you’ve however exhausted all the BCOINs, you can still upgrade your Heroes by purchasing more BCOINs. You can also use the BCOINs you gain from playing and winning the game to make upgrades.

Upgrading your Heroes increases their combat ability and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bomb Crypto

Who invented Bomb Crypto?

Bomb Crypto was created by Senspark, a Vietnamese independent game development company.Founded in 2011, by Lam Ho, Senspark has so far recorded more than 100 million downloads of its Android and iOS compatible games.

The game developer is being backed by several entities. Through partnerships and investments, these entities have shown support for the Bomb Crypto game. These companies include: VNDC Ventures, Kardia Ventures, CRVN Capital, Wildcat Ventures, Jade Labs, BAS Ventures amongst many others.

How can I Sell Bomb Crypto Heroes?

You can sell Bomb Crypto Heroes by listing them on the official Bomb Crypto Marketplace. The listed Crypto Heroes will be purchased as soon as another buyer places an order. Once completed, the funds will become available in your wallet.

Will Bomb Crypto Prices Rise Again?

BCOIN started the first day of October 2021 with a price of $1.86 per coin. It then steadily grew and reached a peak of $8.77 on November 29, 2021. The increase in price was due to high individual interest in gaming metaverse cryptocurrencies, largely led by Facebook’s rebrand to Meta.

From December 2021, the frenzy reduced and the token dropped. As of press time, BCOIN was trading at $1.56 per coin, representing a more than 80% drop form its all-time high.  Worth noting is that any BCOIN price predication may be based on the past and present  performance of the currency.

Just like all other cryptocurrencies and tokens, BCOIN is highly volatile. Its volatility makes it very hard to give accurate predictions as to what its potential worth will be. As such, long-term price predictions could end up being wrong.

In a nutshell, it is still very uncertain as to whether or not BCOIN’s price will eventually rise again. How well BCOIN has performed in the past and how it’s faring now cannot determine what its future value will be.

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