What Happened to Bitcoin In the Past Week?

Bitcoin has been on a little roller coaster in the past week but definitely ended the week in a better way than it began.

This report will cover top cryptocurrency’s performance over the past week (September 9 – 16).

Following a market plunge the week before, the price of BTC hovered around $6200-6300 within the first 48 hours of trading into the new week.

Bitcoin chart  September 9-16

However, just as always after a market decline, the bulls returned to put a smile on traders’ faces. This actually saw BTC shoot up to the $6600 valuation within a few hours, though the rise has not been on the same level since then.

Irrespective of this, the coin has gained around $3 billion in market cap over one week while prices reflect a 5% increase on the weekly charts.

Heading into the new week, bitcoin prices were pegged at $6525 at press time with a total market cap of $112 billion with enthusiasts hoping for a better turn of events this week.

Biggest Bitcoin News in the Past Week Sept 9-16

Bitcoin Fund Reach Mutual Fund Status in Canada

At a time when the US SEC is still struggling to get to grip with BTC, the Ontario Securities Commission has taken a bold move. A Bitcoin fund owner by First Block Capital can now allow investors to transfer units of their digital asset to TFSA and RRSP accounts. Read more here

Crypto Bulls Return To Put Smile on Faces

What happened when the coin shot up to green numbers after a dip in the previous week? Read more here.

USD 380 Million Leaves #1 Bitcoin Wallet In Only 4 Days

In an unusual move, about 58,550 BTC found on Bitfinex exchange’s cold wallet was moved. The wallet still has around 170,500 BTC while the reason for the move is uncertain.

Within what price range do you think bitcoin will trade at the conclusion of the new week?

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