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VeChain Rolls Out Market-Ready Blockchain Food Safety Solution

VeChain, one of the world’s leading enterprise-friendly public blockchain platforms and company has announced today the launch of its market-ready, blockchain-enabled food safety solution powered by VeChain ToolChain.

According to the announcement of the launch, the food safety solution uses the VeChain ToolChain, the blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that runs on VeChain Thor. The solution will also introduce some business-ready technical features as part of efforts to meet the most urgent needs for the food industry in this era. 

“Following our success in the food sector, we’re officially launching our market-ready Food Safety Solution powered by VeChain ToolChain! Clients can now deploy proven & scalable blockchain solutions with minimal lead time compared to other platforms.” the VeChain Foundation said in a tweet.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has led to an ever-evolving marketplace, food companies can then cope by building more resilient and transparent supply chains to face the challenges effectively. The new VeChain powered market-ready blockchain food safety solution stands as a good framework that would allow effective collaboration among all stakeholders in the food supply chain.

VeChain Allows Transparency And Traceability

The VeChain blockchain has arguably become the preferred choice for many food companies over the years, bringing up new and useful developments alongside amazing features, and making it easy for these companies to execute transparent and traceable transactions.

A few months back, Coinfomania had reported the announcement of an agritech startup producers market adopting the VeChain blockchain for easier traceability of agricultural products.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant shift in the behavior of many consumers demanding food companies to change their trading methods, especially adopting a digitized form of trading. Hence, the need to trace agricultural products became more vital, and the Vechain blockchain understandably has the features to meet these needs.

VeChain Foundation CEO, Sunny had also recently hinted that the platform’s enterprise-friendly approach means it has the potential to overtake its primary competitor, Ethereum in the future.

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