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VeChain Launches Thor V1.3.0 (Entropy) to Boost Network Performance

Supply chain and enterprise-focused blockchain project, VeChain revealed today that it had updated its Thor blockchain to V1.3.0, dubbed “Entropy.” The latest version represents the most significant update it has conducted since the launch of its mainnet. 

According to the project details on Github, Entropy V1.3.0 is designed to correct the flaws experienced in previous versions, to boost the performance and efficiency of the Vechain blockchain. 

The newly updated VeChainThor blockchain has been redesigned to reduce its storage space by 80%, thus doubling the speed the project would use to query events and project logs. Similarly, the new version would utilize a more effective trie cache that would help reduce the RAM usage by 50%, and the logdb size by 40%.

As per the press release, Entropy V1.3.0 is also equipped with other amazing features, such as providing a fix for logdb improper connection limit setting, improve the VM state error handling capability, reset default cache flag value to 1GB, among others.

Since the launch of the VechainThor Blockchain, the tech has gotten significant attention from notable firms, with Coinfomania reporting that an online luxury marketplace, Reebonz, recently adopted the project, to build a product verification system.  

At the time of writing, the blockchain-based verification system was developed toward providing trust, authentication, and ownership tools to Reebonz members, through the use of digital certificates. 

Meanwhile, the VeChain project is also looking toward diversifying into decentralized finance (DeFi), a move that is considered to be a sharp contrast to its initial objective, which mainly focused on the supply chain, food safety, as well as similar industries. 

The project’s CEO, Sunny Lu, noted that the upcoming VeChain 2.0 whitepaper would explicitly state how the VeChain Thor blockchain will conduct such open financial applications


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