VeChain Joins China Animal & Food Safety Alliance (CAFA) as Technology Provider

The VeChain Foundation announced Thursday that is has become a council member of the China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance (CAFA) and will provide technical and infrastructural support for the over 130 council members.

CAFA is a Chinese-government backed organization launched in 2009 under the Chinese National Agricultural Science Technology Innovation Alliance. The alliance reportedly serves as a platform for connecting the government, industry associations, and other producer enterprises.

As a sole public blockchain technology provider in the alliance, VeChain gains access to several companies and bodies plying their trade in the food industry.

Key participants as per the announcement include supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, food and beverage manufacturers. Other major players in the CAFA alliance include companies in the computer telephony integration (CTI) industry, research labs, and firms dealing with agricultural and animal supplies.

VeChain’s role in the CAFA Alliance

In the announcement, the VeChain Foundation shed more light on its role as a CAFA council member. It primarily includes helping CAFA’s to achieve its goal of “building a from-farm-to-table traceability system across the entire country”.

By adopting, VeChain’s Toolchain enterprise-friendly solution, “all enterprise members of the alliance will be capable of logging key processes of food products onto the blockchain in an immutable and secured way, bridging trust between consumers and the enterprises.”

They will also be able to initiate the traceability process earlier than usual, beginning from cultivation, until the product reaches the table of retail consumers.

In August, VeChain had launched a Food Safety Solution to go along with its ToolChain, and will now get a chance to trial the new solution with some of the large players in the Chinese food industry.

Also, worth noting from the latest announcement is that the VeChain Foundation has already onboarded its first alliance member from CAFA. More enterprises are expected since the main benefit of such an alliance is that members like VeChain can onboard hundreds of partners instead of reaching out to them individually.

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