Use the HolyTransaction Wallet for Staking Blackcoin

Over the past three years, since cryptocurrencies entered the light of day through the largest bull run to date, there has been incredible progress when it comes to crypto development. There are now more use cases for crypto than ever, many of which have left the realm of theoretical a long time ago.

Further, there are now many different ways to earn by using crypto. Back in the day, you could only earn new coins through trading, buying when the prices are low, and selling when they go up. And, of course, there was crypto mining, from the first day Bitcoin was launched.

These days, trading and mining remain still highly popular, but are no longer the only ways of making money with crypto.

You can now use coins to give loans, HODL, and more. However, the most popular way of gaining passive income with crypto is staking, and one of the best coins for staking right now is Blackcoin.

What is Blackcoin?

Blackcoin is a P2P decentralized network that was launched all the way back in 2014. However, unlike Bitcoin, which relies on Proof of Work to this day, Blackcoin has been using Proof of Stake for all the years of its existence.

As such, it presents an alternative to Bitcoin’s energy-consuming PoW system, and it comes as a much greener solution. Not only that, but it also aims to eliminate the middleman inside the crypto networks — crypto miners themselves.

While Bitcoin has to rely on miners who can afford to pay for high electricity prices and mining gear to solve transactions and receive new coins as a reward, Blackcoin’s PoS algorithm allows anyone to mine its blockchain. All that users need to do is own a certain amount of coins and stake them.

Basically, this means that users need to place their coins in a wallet and just keep them there. This allows them to mine blocks and receives rewards for their participation, but it also comes with other benefits, such as eliminating inflation.

However, to be completely safe, users need to use the best wallet for Blackcoin staking, and the recommendation is the HolyTransaction wallet.

Use HolyTransaction to stake Blackcoin

HolyTransaction is a highly-secure and convenient cryptocurrency wallet that will let you keep your coins inside of it and earn rewards through staking Blackcoin.

Its strong security features make it perfect for this kind of job, as you will always know that your coins are safe. There is no risk of losing them, unless you lose your private keys, so as long as you keep those in a safe place, your money will be safe within reach.

Another great thing about is the fact that it allows you to buy and sell coins from the wallet itself. You can trade your cryptos, and even buy and sell coins with fiat currencies.

That way, you can accumulate a major amount of Blackcoin, exchange them for your local currency, and simply withdraw the money to your account.

Of course, you can also leave the coins you won as a staking reward in your wallet, and earn even more. It is a perfect way to secure some passive income by staking Blackcoin, and not really having to do anything yourself.

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