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Crypto Social Media Uptrennd Reports 14,469% User Growth in 2019

From 355 users at the start of 2019 to 51,719 users at the year’s end, Uptrennd, a crypto-focused social media platform, is arguably the fastest rising crypto community at the moment.

The social media site was reportedly founded as an off-shoot of active crypto communities on Facebook and other legacy social media sites but appear to be on the verge of making a mark of its own.

According to data compiled by Uptrennd user, Kris, to augment a 2019 recap published by Luke Brenland, Uptrennd’s Head of Community, the platform experienced an overall growth on 14,469% with an average of over 76% increase month on month.

Undoubtedly, while such rapid growth could be easily attributed to work by the Uptrennd team, the bullish market for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2019 understandably could have had a spin-off effect.

Additionally, the recent censorship move by YouTube on crypto-related content in late 2019 likely contributed to a large number of crypto enthusiasts switching camps in search of platforms where their content resonates with the community without any barriers.

Commenting on the development and growth of the platform, Uptrennd founder Jeff Kirdeikis told Coinfomania:

This [growth] was all achieved through the power of community, unifying under the collective vision of a more profitable, fair, and secure digital ecosystem for everyone on earth.

He further noted that the growth is even more significant since “not one single dollar was taken from outside funding and yet [Uptrennd] have become one of the fastest-growing and most engaged blockchain-based social media platforms online today.”

There are also incentives offered to active users of the Uptrennd platform in the form of 1UP tokens now tradable on exchanges, making the promise of earning passive income feasible for participants, especially from low-income communities.

On this front, Jeff confirmed that “thousands of dollars have been distributed to people in developing nations who through dozens of testimonials have now been able to pay their medical bills, buy their groceries, and put electricity back into their homes.”

He expressed optimism regarding what the platform could yet achieve and thanked the community for their continued commitment to the vision.

As noted earlier, the increasing censorship against crypto-related content on legacy social media sites means that platforms like Uptrennd are understandably filling a void and will likely continue to grow significantly into the foreseeable future.

In a similar development, Coinfomania reported recently that the crypto web browser, Brave hit 8 million users.


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