Unstoppable Domains Unveils .Crypto Domains to Serve as Payment Gateway

San Francisco-based blockchain domain building company, Unstoppable Domains, has launched a new domain registry, “.Crypto” to streamline crypto payment, while fostering mainstream adoption.

The new domain registry is built on the Ethereum blockchain to enable users to connect their respective cryptocurrency addresses to the domain as a crypto payment gateway. Based on this, people will only need to know a user’s blockchain domain to pay.

In essence, .Crypto shortens the long cryptocurrency address as usual, to memorable and straightforward words, which simplify payments with digital currencies.

According to Matthew Gould, the co-founder, and CEO of Unstoppable Domains: “Sending money to a .crypto domain is a way simpler user experience for the millions of cryptocurrency users that currently have to copy/paste and type in long addresses in order to transact.”

Unlike the traditional domains, users’ website becomes uncensorable with the blockchain domain, so no other company or government can control the content users show on their website. 

Interestingly, the blockchain domains bypass the need for ICANN approval, renewal, and a custodian, since the owners store the blockchain domains themselves. 

Gould further noted “that tribalism in the crypto community is slowing down adoption of the technology,” and believes that the new blockchain domain registry encourages the mainstream adoption of digital currency in general.

In what could have led to the launch of the new blockchain domain, the company reported very high interest from the crypto community on their first domain extension dubbed “.zil,” with 100,000 purchased already. The first domain registry was built on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) developer, Nick Johnson, announced a similar development, that enables users of ENS to connect their wallets addresses, and to other services using “.xyz” domain name. However, the domain name was designed to process payments on Ether (ETH) only, Coinfomania reported.

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