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Over 1 Million UEFA EURO 2020 Tickets Will Be Issued via Blockchain-based App

Football fans will receive their tickets for the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament using a new blockchain-based mobile ticketing system according to a Monday report by Independent.

The new blockchain-based ticketing system will grant fans access to the stadium via a QR code, which can only be activated by the fans’ Bluetooth once they are near the stadium.  Once the fans have gotten their tickets, all they have to do is to enable their Bluetooth when they are near the stadium and to make sure that their phones are fully charged to last them through the duration of the match.

The blockchain-based ticketing app will help the event organizers to prevent ticket fraud, which includes the replication and duplication of tickets, and also help in the safe and secure dispensing of the tickets.

The UEFA EURO 2020 mobile tickets have been on sale since December 2019. Fans who had purchased their tickets at that time and others who are still to buy theirs will receive them via the UEFA EURO 2020 mobile tickets app.

As per the report, tickets will be sent to the app at precisely one week to the tournament, with organizers planning to deliver more than 1 million tickets this year.

Fans from more than 200 countries have applied for the tickets with ticket requests rising to a total of 28.3 million, thus officially making UEFA EURO 2020 the most in-demand UEFA EURO tournament ever. Mobile tickets will be given to fans who bought the “Follow my team” tickets only when the team they support qualifies for a particular match.

Since the tickets will be delivered a few days to the match day, fans will no longer need to go to the ticket collection points to exchange their ticket vouchers. They can also be able to grant their guests access to the stadium by transferring their tickets via the app’s transfer function.

The idea of this mobile ticketing system was conceived after the UEFA Nations League finals in June 2019, where more than 110,000 tickets were sent to fans via mobile phones.

In similar news, Coinfomania reported in November the experiment with a blockchain-based ticketing app carried out by the Royal Dutch Football Association.

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