Two Russians Prosecuted for Mining Crypto on State Computers

Russian authorities are currently handling two cases of illegal cryptocurrency mining where suspects made use of computers of state organizations as reported on Dec. 16 by the local news outlet, TASS.

During a press conference held yesterday,  the Deputy Director of the National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents, Nikolay Murashov, stated that the suspects were able to mine the cryptocurrencies by infecting the targeted computers with malware via a web browser. 

According to the report, one of the suspects, who resides in the city of Kurgan, infected computers in various regions of the country using a botnet. The other suspect was making use of the state facility, JSC Rostov Vodokanal, to mine cryptocurrencies. 

Murashov admitted that since the prices of most of these cryptocurrencies are very high, many people see it as a quick and easy way of making money. He added,

Up to 80% of the computer’s free power can be used to generate virtual coins, and a legitimate user may not even know about it.

He further noted that the illegal mining of cryptocurrencies using companies’ computers could affect the companies’ business as well as reduce their performance. 

In conclusion,  he encouraged organizations to be very alert for any suspicious activity they notice on their network. He also advised that they should put the necessary security measures in place. 

Due to the rate at which illegal cryptocurrency mining schemes are flourishing in Russia,  the country’s financial regulators are planning to create a legal framework that will allow the authorities to seize cryptocurrencies used in illicit activities. 

Russia’s  Central Bank and other financial regulators, as Coinfomania reported in the past, are also firmly against the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

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