Tron (TRX) Tanks 14% Following Buffet Lunch Postponement

Tron (TRX) holders have had bad news to deal with in the hours leading up to press time.

First, it was an announcement from the TRON Foundation that CEO, Justin Sun, had postponed his $4.6 million lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffet till further notice. Justin Sun according to the update has kidney stones.

Next, the value of TRX dropped 14%, following the lunch postponement, a dip that could be attributed to investors selling off their holdings since no further announcement was coming.

What catches the eye though is the fact that Justin Sun was still inviting guests to the power lunch with Warren Buffet a few hours before the postponement update.

Buffet lunch cancelled

The most reasonable guesses at this point are; either Justin Sun did not want followers to panic before there was a need to do so, or he is still looking for ways to use the power lunch to increase the value of the TRX coin.

Whatever, the case it has been a tough few hours for TRX holders who are apparently now used to the pump and dumps that nearly follows every TRON announcement.

TRON Lunch Drops Lunch postponement

At the time of writing, Tron (TRX) had a value of $0.025 and a market cap of $1.68 billion. Earlier in the day though, the altcoin traded near $0.03.

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