TRON Steps Closer to Become Largest Decentralized Ecosystem, Acquires BitTorrent

Anyone who has ever used the BitTorrent – built their business on the protocol, or otherwise benefited from the protocol will become part of the TRON family – TRON

The project pioneered by Justin Sun has moved a step closer to its goal of “decentralizing the web” by acquiring BitTorrent, a peer to peer file sharing protocol.

A letter to the Tron Community published on Medium announced that “TRON has successfully acquired BitTorrent and all BitTorrent products and from this day on, BitTorrent, whose software has been installed on billions of user devices, will become part of the TRON ecosystem.”

The deal which is believed to be in the region $140 million from TRON to BitTorrent, will give the TRX project access to the world’s first decentralized protocol as well as other products offered by the company such as, BitTorrent Now (Android), BitTorrent Play (iOS) and uTorrent Web.

The BitTorrent protocol currently transmits 40% of internet traffic and will aid the distribution of data and digital files by TRON future users. Without doubts, it is a big one for Justin Sun and his team who prides the TRX project as a model that will decentralize the entertainment industry and allow artists to get full value for their labels.

Announcing the last addition to TRON on Twitter, Justin Sun tweeted,

BitTorrent also confirmed the acquisition of its protocol by Tron in a blog post and pledged to provide robust support for TRON’s global business development and partnerships, while pursuing its vision for the world’s largest decentralized ecosystem.

A Union of Blockchains

In its letter, TRON pinpoints that the goal of the new deal is to “give data rights back to the individual, and reignite the early 21st-century vision of a free, transparent, decentralized network to connect the world because the internet belongs to the people.” The newly launched TRX mainnet was built for this purpose and will now have the backing of another decentralized protocol.

The acquisition of BitTorrent by TRON will give the nearly two-decade-old platform an opportunity to key into blockchain technology, the modern and revolutionary version of what its founders had hoped to build.

As part of the agreement, BitTorrent will operate from Tron’s new location in San Francisco.

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