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Top Four Cryptocurrency To Watch This Week: BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB.

The last fourteen days have been characterised by FUD after FUD. The crypto market is down as the once more than $2 trillion markets is reduced below $1.5 trillion.

The clamour to buy the dip continues as the market sinks more. The last seven days saw the crypto market lose more than 20% of its worth. Coins like BNB and Safemoon took more of the price correction than others. The new week may be filled with renewed interest in crypto. Here are the top four cryptocurrencies to watch.


The last seven days saw the king coin lost 26% as it recorded a low of $30,681 and a high of $46,623. BTC became oversold more than twice during the last seven days.

Traders are going into the mew week with reduced fear and uncertainty as the buyers started a rally from a dip that saw Bitcoin dip below $32k a few hours to the time of writing.  Reports have it that some whales got 120.5k BTC (possibly BTC is headed for another price rally).

The next seven days may see BTC out of sub-$40k and trade above $40,000. The bears may also capitalize on the current market situation and start a FUD that may bring BTC below $30k as the $30,000 support may be unable to handle another attack.


The King of the alts, Ethereum also had one of the worst weeks yet. Ether saw a low of $1,737 (the lowest in 30 days) and a high of $3,587 as it lost more than 40% in the last seven days.

Ether may dip further below $1,700 in the next seven days if the bears continue to have their way. The buyers, on the other hand, will try to push back as high as $2,500.


Cardano resisted the first wave of the price retracement that rocked the market as it climbed to its all-time high at the time. Unfortunately, ADA could do nothing against the second wave as it lost 38% in the seven days.

ADA saw a low $1.03 and a high of $2.36. The now fourth-largest coin by market cap may continue to trade between $1.20 and $1.40 until a price breakout above $1.40 or below $1.20.


The Binance coin lost 54% in the last seven days as it records a low of $213 and a high of $564. BNB slowly dropped down the market cap ranking during the last seven days and currently sits on the sixth spot.

BNB is set to leave sub-$300 in the next seven days as more traders accumulating the coin; increasing liquidity. The toughest resistance in the  BNB quest is the $300 resistance and will flip if there are enough bulls to push the prices past the level.

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