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Top Four Cryptocurrency To Watch This Week: BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE.

Last week was filled with drama as the crypto market rocked from both surges and dips. Interestingly the latter made a big entry as price were down to one of their lowest supports.

The new week is promising more price actions as more cryptocurrencies are on the rise. The price correction has acted as the accumulation level for the buyers. Here are some of the top cryptocurrencies to watch this week.


Last week saw crypto’s largest coin hit an all-time high of $64,804. The new ATH was met by a sellers’ congestion that saw prices halt and started dipping.

This week, Bitcoin will end the week trading above $61k. There is a lot of resistance before flipping the $61k. The $60,000 resistance still stands as a force to reckon with in this journey.


The last seven days saw the second-largest coin by market cap hit a new ATH as with the coin the king coin and traded above $2,500. Ethereum also suffered a big woe from bloody Sunday as it lost more than 10% in 24 hours.

Ethereum will to fully recover from the price correction it suffered last week. To reach full recovery, the coin will trade above $2,500 before the end of the week.


The Binance coin traded above $600 for some time during the last seven days. When the crypto street went messy during the last 24 hours, BNB saw a dropped below $450.

The next seven days will be interesting. At the time of writing, the Binance coin is trading above $500. BNB will look to end the week comfortably trading above $550.


Dogecoin achieved a lot during the last seven day. While most coins did not surge during the weekend, dogecoin pumped to an ATH.

At the time of writing, DOGE current all-time high is $0.44 and it is trading above $0.3. All eyes are on DOGE as the bears will seize the opportunity to bring the price crashing down. If the bulls can defend the $0.32 support, dogecoin may end the week above $0.45.



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