Top 7 Most Ideal Crypto Coins for Students

People who attend college often have a tight schedule and a lot of responsibilities. They have to juggle study and courses while trying to keep their social life alive.

On top of everything, student life can be expensive. Rent, utilities, food, and other expenses push most students to apply for a job, at least part-time. For instance, some students might apply for tutoring, top essay writing services, or freelancing to help other students get good grades while making a few bucks.

Nonetheless, in most cases, a part-time salary still doesn’t cover all the expenses. So, many people might try to get extra jobs and invest, hoping that they can make a profit.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that work only in the virtual realm. Governments and banks have very little control over them, so it’s one of the world’s most unrestrained markets.

Ever since the first cryptocurrencies were introduced, “digital money” types have multiplied. People can treat them like stocks and buy some of them, hoping to sell them eventually. Today, there are more than 20k cryptocurrencies. But which one can you invest in if you’re a student trying to make a profit?

First and foremost, it’s vital to note that to invest in crypto, you might need some savings to start. But luckily for crypto, you can start with very little, even just a few bucks. The second thing to note is that cryptocurrencies oscillate, so you might need to research and understand when to buy or sell according to the fluctuations.

  • Bitcoin

On the list of the best crypto to invest in, the king of cryptocurrencies is a must. This currency defined the cryptocurrency game and is still dominating the sector. It’s so popular that some people use the term “bitcoins” when referring to any cryptocurrency.

The corporate world seems to consider Bitcoin a solid investment, and a proof of that is the involvement of many powerful corporations such as Tesla, MicroStrategy Inc, Square Inc, and Galaxy Digital Holdings. So, it’s safe to say Bitcoin has a loyal investor base.

Moreover, the BTC is statistically more stable than other cryptocurrencies. For instance, in May this year, all the other cryptocurrencies dropped by more than 25%, and Bitcoin only decreased by 16%. It’s still a significant loss, but this proves how strong Bitcoin is on the crypto market.

  • Solana

Solana is a cryptocurrency that rose to fame in 2021. It has its own network and aims to create decentralized finance using independent platforms. 

Because of the innovative mechanisms that ensure quick and reliable transaction methods, many users praise the cryptocurrency as a worthy competitor of Ethereum. Also, it has attracted a lot of projects, DeFi investors, and apps.

Since 2020, when it cost only $0.77, SOL has increased considerably to $30.27 (June 19, 2022). It even peaked in November last year, which saw Solana reach a $260 apex.

  • Ether

Originated in 2015, Ethereum quickly became a popular blockchain with its currency Ether (ETH). It’s now the second on the list of largest cryptocurrencies, and it seems to be a tough competitor in the cryptocurrency world.

With a market cap of more than $200 billion, it has a consensus mechanism that helps cut down the fees users pay for transactions.

  • Binance Coin

Binance, the “mother” of the Binance Coin, is a massive platform attracting more and more investors and decentralized projects. It’s the largest crypto exchange in the world, with a $48 billion market cap for its native currency, BNB.

Investing in Binance Coin means contributing to a change in the cryptocurrency space since the BNB is influential and can measure up to Bitcoin and Ether.

  • KuCoin Token

Like Binance, KuCoin is also a popular exchange. Sure, it may not be as popular as Binance, but it’s emerging slowly and steadily with its native coin, KCS.

Apart from some fluctuations, the KCS has doubled its value and seems quite accessible for users. Slowly but surely, KuCoin and its token are taking up some space among the big crypto blockchains.

  • Cardano

Unlike some cryptocurrencies, the Cardano platform avoids using problem-solving verification. Instead, they use proof-of-stake validation.

The most peculiar aspect is that Cardano has reduced environmental impact because of its innovative methods. Moreover, in 2017, Cardano crypto (ADA) went from $0.02 to $0.45 (June 19, 2022). This means that its initial value multiplied itself over twenty times in 5 years. 

  • Dogecoin

Dogecoin takes its name from the popular Shiba Inu meme of “Doge.” The coin was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer and has Doge itself as the avatar.

Although it was started ironically, Dogecoin raised its price from $0.0002 in 2017 to $0.055 (June 19, 2022). In 2021, on May 7, Dogecoin arrived at its apex value to this date, $0.52. Two weeks later, its value became half. Today, some major companies like SpaceX and Twitch deal with Dogecoin and accept payments in this form.


You can start investing in cryptocurrencies with just a couple of dollars. Nonetheless, trading cryptocurrencies isn’t about luck. Investing in crypto coins means researching and finding out what you can do with your share of tokens once you have them.

Also, the platforms you use are important. Some of them trace all the exchanges and have strict verification processes. Others like to keep their users private and let them have more control.

So, try to stay connected and research before investing in crypto coins.

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