Top 5 Latest Investment Trends in 2022

Staying up to date is an ultimate necessity in case you want to be successful in the investment market nowadays. In 2022, we are still adapting to new realities which are forming all the time, both in areas that have been modified by the crisis and in terms of deeper political dynamics. All of this has a direct impact on the stock markets, so in order for you not to miss anything, we have prepared a short report covering the latest five investment trends on the market.

The number of investment instruments on the market is increasing every year as well, while the entry threshold for investors is decreasing. So, now it is even possible to buy shares on a mobile app, or if you have a crypto account, you can buy tokens, NFTs and even parcels of virtual land. However, there still remain traditional assets such as precious metals and real estate. We have chosen five options to sort through, from the riskiest to the most conservative ones. 

  • Investing in cryptocurrency

No matter what people say, investing in cryptocurrency runs a lot of risk. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest money that you are not afraid of losing. Professionals recommend to keep in tokens no more than five percent of your whole investment portfolio, then the risk of losing all your savings is not so high. The question is how much risk you are willing to take and how long you are willing to keep cryptocurrencies in your account in anticipation of possible growth.

  • Investing in gold

Precious metals are a truly asset for investment, which could protect your savings from inflation, for a reason they have been in demand for centuries and this will probably not change in the future. Precious metals can now be purchased in the form of bullion and coins as well those as stocks. Pacific Precious Metals is a company that has a reputation spanning 11 years and is an absolute expert in precious metals. It is worth contacting them once you have thought about purchasing gold after reading the article.

  • Investing in IDO

When developers’ want to raise funds in order to launch a new token, a procedure that is called – Initial decentralized exchange offering is set in motion. Investors raise funds for the startup through a decentralized exchange and liquidity pools. Devolved exchanges, unlike centralized ones, are not run by a company that controls your funds and data in the same way as a traditional bank. Such exchanges are blockchain-based and managed automatically meaning by smart contracts or semi-automatically via the developers community. 

  • Investing in NFT

A non-fungible token (NFT) is considered to be a unique digital certificate that proves the originality and ownership of a virtual object. Keep in mind that investing in NFT is done via cryptocurrency, which exchange rate dynamics are not always stable. Though, often, many valuable NFT projects are not so much about utility as they are about art, branding or culture. 

  • Investing on real estate

There are several options for investing in real estate, each of which is good in its own way. Definitely there are several ways to make real estate investments but the most popular are: buying a property in the secondary market and reselling or renting it out, buying a flat under construction with subsequent resale, purchasing a property in the country and also buying commercial property with subsequent renting of offices, shops and so on.

According to the experts review, today the best tactic is to invest in several areas at once, this way you always have a fallback and some extra savings in case the stock market goes down.

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