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Top 5 Crypto And Blockchain Events To Attend in Q1 2020

Crypto and blockchain events are seminars and workshops held to discuss the major happenings in the world of digital currencies, and distributed ledger technology, ways to improve, and new technologies to be created. They are attended by a large number of speakers, companies, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Last year, Ripple hosted the event, Swell, which was attended by a lot of well-known individuals in various fields such as finance and technology to discuss the things happening in global payment services.

More so, the 2019 Blockchain Week held in San Francisco brought together top blockchain companies, developers, and investors all over the world for an educational seminar.

Now, we will take a look at some of the events that have been scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

Top 5 Crypto And Blockchain Events in Q1 2020

#1. The Genesis Block 2020

Date: Jan. 9 – Jan. 10 2020

Location: Bengaluru, India 

This event, although being the first edition in India, is organized to remember and celebrate the day on which the first block of Bitcoin was mined, 9th Jan. 2009. Various ideas regarding the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be discussed there.

Given the regulatory uncertainties facing the crypto community in India, a gathering to commemorate Bitcoin’s first block is remarkable as it shows its unique challenges don’t faze the local ecosystem.

Notable speakers include:

  • Nischal Shetty,  Co-founder, and CEO of WazirX
  • Mason Borda,  CEO of Tokensoft
  • Sunil Aggarwal, Author of the book “Bitcoin Magnet.”

#2. European Blockchain Convention, Barcelona

Date: Jan. 20 – Jan. 21 2020

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Unlike a typical gathering of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, this event appears to be an occasion for governments, corporations, and financial institutions to discuss the real-life application of the blockchain technology.

Attendees will delve into the technology’s application in various aspects like finance, government, insurance, energy, health care, and many more. More than 600 investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, and corporations in the blockchain industry are expected to be present.

Some notable speakers include:

  • Maria Concepcion de Monteverde, Blockchain Director at Banco Santander.
  • Michael Kumhuf, Senior Research Advisor, Bank of England.
  • Sunny Lu, Co-founder and CEO of VeChain.

#3. Blockchain Economy Summit 2020

Date: Feb. 20 – Feb. 21 2020

Location: Istanbul, Turkey.

This will be one of the largest crypto summits in February 2020 given Turkey’s status as the country with the highest number of crypto users. The event will be based on topics that are primarily focused on comprehensive networking opportunities, financial technologies of the future, and participants from more than 60 countries.

Notable speakers include:

  • John McAfee, a world-famous crypto entrepreneur, and Security expert.
  • Nicolas Cary, Co-founder at
  • Andy Cheung, Head of Operations at OKEx 

#4. Bitcoin 2020 Conference

Date: Mar. 27 – Mar. 28 2020

Location: San Francisco

Like earlier editions, this year’s Bitcoin conference will be focused on how to make the leading cryptocurrency reach its full potential. The event is returning to San Francisco after a while away with a host of attendees, speakers, and companies, poised to make it a fun-filled and educative experience.

Some notable speakers include:

  • Adam Back, CEO Blockstream
  • Nick Szabo, Cryptographer, and Computer Scientist
  • Charlie Shrem, Host Untold Stories

#5. Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2020

Date: Mar. 31 – Apr. 1 2020

Location: Paris, France

This event bridges Q1 and Q2 and is expected to bring together more than 1,700 investors, media, and entrepreneurs from around the world to discuss topics pertaining to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Some notable speakers include:

  • Wei Zhou, Co-founder of Binance
  • Arthur Breitman, Co-founder of Tezos
  • QJ Wang, Executive Director at Ethereum Community Fund.

All these events have one thing in common, and that is to improve the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. With an eventful 2019 almost behind us, one can look forward to what the new year brings with optimism.

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