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Titan Crypto Club Review: Ponzi or Not? Here’s What to Know

Titan Crypto Club (TCC) is one of the latest cryptocurrency investment schemes in the industry. Although the platform is relatively new, Titan Crypto Club had gained lots of attention since its inception last month. The fuss about the scheme has prompted several investors to make inquiries about whether Titan Crypto Club is a scam or legit before committing their funds to the platform. 

No one would like to put their money on a platform that cannot guarantee users’ funds safety. With potential investors raising concerns about the legitimacy of the platform, Coinfomania highlighted some features and services of the firm as well as the hidden truth in this Titan Crypto Club Review to help investors determine if it is a legitimate opportunity or not. 

What is Titan Crypto Club?

According to information on the company’s website, Titan Crypto Club is a donation-based crowdfunding platform that requires investors to raise funds in digital currencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC), for whatever reason.

The platform utilizes a matrix system where members are rewarded for luring new users, and their funds help keep things running in the system. However, the platform also has its so-called “pools,” designed majorly for users who do not have a downline. 

At the moment, there are a total of eleven pools on Titan Crypto Club, with investors required to make a down payment of $14 in BTC or fiat currency to join the least pool. 

How Does Titan Crypto Club Work?

The platform has restricted new members’ registration so that potential investors can only sign up via the invite link of existing members. This technique is mostly deployed by shady platforms that want to keep their operations secret from prying eyes and maintain sanity among existing members. 

Once successfully registered, members will need to make a donation based on the pool they choose (we will shed more light on this later on). Also, the new user, once fully onboarded, can go on an invite spree to commence their fundraising journey and unlock better incentives. 

After the processes are completed, the investor would be matched with other new users that will pay the investor’s due Return on Investment (ROI). 

Packages on Titan Crypto Club

As we discussed earlier, Titan Crypto Club has 11 pools (packages) that a user can choose. For a package to be active, there must be at least 14 users present who will provide and receive the intended funds for the pool among themselves.

Like pools four and above, these investment plans are equipped with mouthwatering incentives that cannot be found on pool one to three. For pools four to 11, members will have access to incentives ranging from online vouchers, all-paid travel expenses to selected countries, house funding, etc. 

That said, let us look at the available pools and the requirement to join each of them and their ROI. 

  • Pool 1

This is the least package that users can select. Pool one is specifically made for beginners who are yet to get the needed confidence to commit a huge amount of funds into the system. At the time of writing this Titan Crypto Club review, users who want to join this pool would need to pay the sum of $14 in either cryptocurrency or fiat. The ROI for this pool is $49. 

  • Pool 2

Members interested in joining this pool will be required to make an initial payment of $28, with their profit set at $98. According to Titan Crypto Club, pool two and above are the platform’s auto pools suitable for different investors globally. 

  • Pool 3

Investors who opt for this pool will be required to pay the sum of $56 to gain entrance. Once this is done, the user is entitled to an ROI of $196. 

  • Pool 4

As with all packages on Titan Crypto Club’s platform, investors would be required to make an initial payment of $112 to join the pool, which automatically qualifies them for a $392 ROI. 

  • Pool 5

This plan is meant for intermediate users on the Titan Crypto Club website. The required amount to join pool five is $224, giving the investors the right to receive an ROI of $784. 

  • Pool 6

Here, intending users will pay $448 based on the requirement for the package. Once the payment goes through, the user will receive $1,556 as a profit. 

  • Pool 7

Before intending members can join pool 7, they will be required to donate the sum of $896 to their uplines in order to receive $3,136. 

  • Pool 8

This package is developed for experienced investors who have built trust on the platform during their fundraising journey. Intending members will need to pay $1,792 to join the plan and receive $6,272 in ROI. 

  • Pool 9

The signup fee for this pool may seem expensive for regular investors, but its ROI is as attractive as it can get. Intending members must pay $3,584 to join the plans, while its ROI is set at $12,544.  

  • Pool 10

This is the second to the last pool on the Titan Crypto Club platform. Investors who want to join this pool need to pay $7,168. Once the payment is completed, the user will qualify to receive $25,088 for his or her donations. 

  • Pool 11

Pool 11 is the apex package on the Titan Crypto Club platform. Here, investors would be prompted to pay the sum of $14,336 that automatically triggers the pool’s $50,176 ROI.  

Red Flags On Titan Crypto Club

While the platform claims to be a legitimate crypto investment platform, Titan Crypto Club has many shortcomings that make it look like a scam. 

No Regulation

Despite having the time to state several mouthwatering features, the founders did not indicate anywhere on the website, whether it has any financial license from relevant authorities. With this negligence, it is clear that Titan Crypto Club does not have the required approval to operate as a crowdfunding platform. Based on this, there is no guarantee that users’ funds are safe on the platform as the TCC team can run away with investors’ funds anytime. 

No Background Information

Another shortcoming of Titan Crypto Club is the firm’s inability to reveal its founders’ true identity. No information whatsoever about the team members, and this is a major red flag. It is clear that investors are dealing with ghosts who can decide to disappear whenever they have raised enough funds for themselves. It will be near impossible to hold anyone of the Titan Crypto Club team members responsible since they are unknown to the public. 

Unrealistic Promises

Anyone who has little knowledge about the financial industry would spot the desperation embedded in the Titan Crypto Club ROI, which promises investors more than 200% profit in days. Titan Crypto Club is so focused on luring new members that it adopted a technique of using mouthwatering incentives to convince investors. 

Ponzi Scheme

No matter how effective a Ponzi scheme may be during its early days, it is always bound to fail in the end. Ponzi schemes rely heavily on new signups, making such platforms promise existing members huge incentives for their roles in sourcing for new investors. In a case where there is little or no new user signup on Titan Crypto Club, the system’s survival will be threatened, thus leading to its imminent death. 

Constant Technical Issues

Despite being launched in just one month, the platform has encountered several issues that make it seem like it has been available for over a decade. 

At the time of writing, the Titan Crypto Club login faces a very serious challenge that has lingered for days. Users are unable to login, which has caused panic in the system. According to the Titan Crypto Club, its login issue was caused by a ‘roll-back’ made to improve the platform’s functionality. 

Final Thought

Ponzi schemes like Titan Crypto Club are usually associated with mouthwatering incentives to lure users, but these platforms never have a happy ending.  

Cryptocurrency users are indeed poised on looking for ways to double their funds; however, users must conduct adequate research about an investment before putting their funds into it. 

In this Titan Crypto Club review, we discussed whether the platform is a scam or legit, using its available features, services, and the red flags we found while researching the scheme. We hope you find this information helpful.

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