Go Crypto! The Simpsons Features Crypto and Blockchain in Latest Episode

The Simpsons, one of the current popular and longest-running animated television series in the U.S history, released its 13th episode on 23rd February dubbed Frinkcoin, and the episode was all about cryptocurrencies.

Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory was featured in the show as a guest star to explain cryptocurrencies and how a blockchain works. 

Will The Simpsons Prediction on Crypto Also Come True?

The show has popularly been recognized and tagged for its usual predictions.

In their previous series. The Simpsons had released episodes predicting that Donald Trump would become the President of the US, about 16 years before he was really elected.

It also predicted the Ebola outbreak 17 years before it turned reality. And so many other predictions which later became a reality. Its prediction about the Higgs Boson mathematics equation 10 years prior to its research is not an exception.

The gist for the recently released episode featuring cryptocurrencies and blockchain revolves around Homer and Marge in a competition of being the topic of Lisa’s essay tagged “Most Interesting Person I Know”.

On the other hand, Professor Frink develops a cryptocurrency, making him supersede Mr. Burn’s title of the richest man in Springfield. Mr. Burns strives to take his title back. The explanation of crypto comes in when Jim Parson explains crypto to Liza.

A briefing of his explanations goes thus:

Cryptocurrency is a system that is not dependent on a non-cryptocurrency central authority but rather relies on a centralized distributed consensus of cryptocurrency ownership…

Jim didn’t just explain about cryptocurrency, he made it more exciting by writing a song.

The musical aspect of the show predicted cryptocurrency to be the future money stating that 

“Each day I’m closer, to being the cash of the future. Not in your wallet, I’m in your computer!”

This incredible feature of crypto by the Simpsons has created exposure to the cryptospace. The show has a fanbase of over 20 million people all over the world. With this, there is no doubt that the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain has gone viral and a few sheep have been added to the herd.

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