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Tezos Recorded its Highest Smart Contract Deployments in August 2020

August was a busy month for the Tezos blockchain as recent data revealed that there was significant growth in the number of smart contracts activity, reaching an all-time high since the Tezos mainnet went live in 2018.

According to data on Better Call Dev (BCD), the number of smart contracts deployed on the Tezos Mainnet last month is more than the total smart contracts deployed on the network in all other months since 2018.

For context, only 256 smart contracts were deployed on the mainnet from June 2018 to July 2020. But in August 2020 alone, 357 smart contracts were deployed. 

Interestingly, with just eight days into September, 41 contracts have already been deployed on mainnet, bringing the total deployments on the Tezos mainnet to 654. 

Contract Calls on the Tezos mainnet also reached new highs with 20,699 calls made in August alone, which is more than all other months combined. The total calls on the mainnet now stand at 36,530 with 4,741 made so far this month.

Aside from the significant increase in mainnet activities, other networks of the Tezos chain, including Zeronet, Delphinet, Dalphanet, Carthagenet also witnessed increased activities. 

Combining all activities on the network, including those in mainnet and off mainnet, the total number of contracts deployed from June 2018 to July 2020 stands at 15,486. However, August 2020 recorded 6,990 new deployments, indicating an average of 225 daily deployments last month. 

With an impressive August, Tezos climbed up the ladder in the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain rankings published by China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID). As reported, Tezos moved from its previous 35th position to 23 in the list of the top 37 crypto projects.

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