Syrian Conspiracy Theorist Receives BTC Donation from Malicious Wallet

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Syrian Australian conspiracy theorist Maram Susli received $126 in BTC from a malicious Bitcoin wallet. Illicit transactions totaling $3.1 trillion involving the suspicious wallet dates back to 2017.

Susli has a YouTube page where she calls herself a Syrian Girl partisan. To her 94,200 subscribers, she describes herself as a Syrian patriot, Sunni Muslim, anti-neocon, anti-NWO, and anti-Zionist. She also has a record of supporting Russia while opposing the United States and Israel.

What is the Need for Donations?

On January 24, Susli stated that she was being attacked and defamed by “the Zionist lobby.” She published an invoice against a London-based Jewish newspaper outlet called the Jewish Chronicle.

According to the details on the invoice, it is likely that the defame against Susli is to be published in the Jewish Chronicle. The Syrian patriot sought AUD 3,300 (approximately $2,300) to finance the legal battle.

To raise funds, she commenced a GoFundMe campaign. On the fundraising page, she wrote:

“Help! I am being defamed! This group spreading lies against me. I’ve made myself the tip of the sword to bring you the truth and whilst doing so I’ve never asked for money. Unfortunately, now I must ask for your help with legal fees, if you have the means.”

The next day, she tweeted that she preferred to use a different funding page called GiveSendGo, because of Canadian truckers who could not make donations. She also posted a BTC address where funds can be donated into.

On January 28, she closed the funding campaign, stating that she had received the amount she needed. She added that if the “other party is choosing not to escalate” the matter, she would not need added funds.

Pro-Russian Activist Receives Gift From Malicious Donor

At the end of the funding campaign, Susli received AUD 2,059 (worth $1,435) from the GoFundMe page. AUD 516 (worth $367) was raised from the GiveSendGo page. Susli received $476 in BTC. The total funds received amounted to $2,278.

Onchain data shows that a wallet address allegedly tied to Russian crimes sent a BTC donation worth $126. The address reportedly supported Russia’s war efforts against Ukraine. Recall that Russians have been restricted in their use of crypto assets.

Possibly due to the shocking fact that she was funded by an alleged criminal account, Susli tweeted earlier today that she would be reducing her time on social media.

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