Survey: 17% of U.K Investors With Assets Above £10,000 Hold Cryptocurrency

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A recent survey of more than 1,100 investors in the U.K (all with investments in excess of £10,000) by the leading property mortgage provide, Butterfield Mortgages Limited (BML) showed that there is a growing interest in crypto assets.

However, investors are still glued to traditional assets with 53% holding stocks and shares, 41% property, and 30% bonds, followed by the least popular assets such as classic cars (16%), art and forex (both 19%).

Interestingly too, 17% of the investors acknowledged having investments in digital currencies, according to the survey, which aims at finding what asset classes currently make up investors’ financial portfolios and factors that will influence their strategies by next year.

The let-off from the survey, however, has to be that 64% of respondents do not think they are a safe or reliable investment. Also, 10% of the cryptocurrency investors purportedly plan to reduce their amount of investment in crypto assets by next year. 

The low count for cryptocurrency investment in the U.K as per the report could be traced to governmental pressure with investors turning to traditional assets due to the political uncertainty currently facing the country. 

Unarguably, this development will influence the investors’ choice of assets by next year, as 43% already noted they have become more socially and environmentally conscious, which will influence their financial strategy in 2020.

On the other hand, 61% think that traditional assets such as property are in a better position to yield steady and secure returns, especially during this current period of political uncertainty. One in five property investors will invest more in real estate by next year, per the report.

The CEO of BML, Alpa Bhakta, said in the report:

In this era of political uncertainty, investors are rallying towards traditional asset classes like property, which are historically resilient and able to hold their value in times of transition.

Meanwhile, in a similar report in September, Coinfomania reported another survey as confirming that 32% of consumers in Europe are more positive about cryptocurrency.

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