Scam Alert: People Are Losing Thousands to (DON’T FALL FOR IT)

SolanaPay Scam review

A fraudulent website, SolanaPay, is organizing a supposed giveaway intended to dupe victims of their Solana (SOL). The website is asking people to send any amount of the cryptocurrency ranging from a minimum of 25 SOL to as much as 20,000 SOL, to a particular address with a promise to get twice the amount sent.

Victims might get even more attracted to the scheme as people are not only promised a double of the amount they send, but also a percentage of the amount to serve as a bonus. Only those who send 100 and above amounts, however, qualified for this fake bonus. 

Despite no ultimatum as to when the giveaway will be over, the website promises to give back any SOL that comes in too late back to its owners, thereby urging people to participate as fast as possible so as not to miss out. 

Although the site portrayed Anatoly Yakovenko, founder of the Solana project, as the anchor of the giveaway, the site is clearly being operated by fraudsters as trusted sources who unfortunately fell victim to this giveaway have come out to confirm the site for what it really is.

Solana Pay Scam victim

(A Solana Pay Scam victim on Facebook)

A review of the address provided on the fake giveaway website shows that it so far holds a 2,258 SOL balance (appr. $416,000) and might attract even more if ignorant people come across it.

SolanaPay Scam: Stay Away

Despite constant warnings and the provision of red flags to look out for on a scam crypto site, people still, unfortunately, fall victim to fraudsters’ cunning, some of which Coinfomania has reported in the past.

About two months ago, people were robbed of their Bitcoin and Ether when a fake YouTube channel directed people to a scam site that organized a crypto giveaway, claiming to be sponsored by MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor.

People were evidently duped as the fake site was able to gather about $400K worth of BTC and ETH even though it is general knowledge that MicroStrategy doesn’t hold Ether. 

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