Ready to Send and Receive Bitcoin and Litecoin via Whatsapp?


The good news keeps flooding in the crypto space and was reflected last night in a new surge in the market currently valued at $245B, with Bitcoin price nearing $8,300 again.

This time the news is rather huge and will help drive mass adoption: it is now possible to send and receive cryptocurrencies through the world’s biggest messaging platform Whatsapp.

A tweet posted last night by the Zulu Republic (an ecosystem of blockchain tools and platforms mainly affiliated with Litecoin) informed that Whatsapp users can now make use of cryptocurrencies by using a secure Lite.Im bot to instruct and perform transactions.

With 1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is the third most downloaded Android app in the world and it’s owned by Facebook. No doubt that the move will bring cryptos closer to the everyday consumer probably helping make the market even more bullish than it currently is.

How Does It Work?  Is It Really That Easy Service to Use?

I went on trying it and can comment that it really is easy.

Using the link suggested in the tweet, you just need to follow the instructions.

The bot will ask you to respond to a message with the word HODL; choose the language (only between English and Spanish for the time being); if you had tried the messaging service via Telegram it will even match your account there.

And finally will ask you what you would like to do of the following:

  1. Send
  2. Receive
  3. Transactions
  4. Export Wallet
  5. Settings
  6. Instructions
  7. Share & Earn
  8. Claim Rewards

The wallet will store your private keys and mnemonic seed phrase but they’re yours to retrieve anytime.

At the moment the service only offers transactions in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and ZTX – Zulu Republic native coin.

Users won’t have to be tech-savvy to take advantage of it as the language and the instructions given are pretty simple to understand and perform.

The move will mean a massive step forward to mass adoption. This will be true especially in developing countries where access to WhatsApp is fairly easy, whereas other crypto wallet options might not be as straightforward to obtain yet since they can be restricted in certain regions.

The incentive of earning and being rewarded with cryptocurrencies will surely drive more usage among crypto enthusiasts and new adopters will find no further impediments to try the new monetary system.

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