Self-Named Bitcoin Creator Commits Another Blunder, Misquotes the Real Satoshi

Craig wright

Self-acclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig S. Wright has once again added to the doubt over his being Satoshi Nakamoto. This time, when sharing a Twitter thread, he misquotes a comment from the real Satoshi.

Ever since Wright claimed to be the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, he has failed to establish his claim through on-chain proof. This has attracted criticism from several users in the crypto community.

Wright Misquotes Real Satoshi

In his Twitter thread published on Monday, Wright argued that achieving consensus on the blockchain is possible based on trust, without the need for verification. He added that individuals running a node should trust the system.

“You trust the miners. If you don’t trust the miners, running your home node does nothing. The system implements trust. You cannot change the consensus without mining. So, the only valid answer is trusting the network,” he said.

Wright’s view conflicts with what the crypto community on Twitter believes. The community believes in the “don’t trust, verify” policy. This was echoed by a user named Jochemin, who quoted a supposed statement from Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright replied to the comment, saying: “Your statement means that you do not understand bitcoin at all.”

Jochemin then added that the statement was not his, but that of Satoshi. Wright proceeded to hide the comment. This caused other members of the community to react, with some saying that Hodlonaut was right.

Below is the hidden comment:

This is not the first time Wright has made the public doubt his being Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2020, he proposed a feature for a payment-focused cryptocurrency. However, the structure of his comments only showed the public that he knew very little about the technicality of creating such kind of wallet addresses.

Hodlonaut v. Wright

Since 2019, Hodlonaut has been in a legal battle against Wright over the claim that Wright is the Bitcoin creator. Hodlonaut argued that Wright’s claims were false. This has spiked the battle between the duo.

Last week, however, Hodlonaut won a lawsuit against Wright in a Norwegian court. The judge ruled in favor of Hodlonaut, citing that he had sufficient factual grounds to support his claim against the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator.

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